10 Pinterest Stats You Should Know

Katie Allred

If you are trying to explore ways to share and talk to other church members, your church can set-up a Pinterest account. Not many people know about these 10 Pinterest stats and how Pinterest can be used for the church.

Pinterest focuses mainly on images, gifs, and short clips. You can be creative on Pinterest! In other words, create images, posters, and videos reflecting your church and its beliefs, then post them on Pinterest. Here are 10 stats you’ll want to know to set-up a Pinterest account:


Pinterest is now the third-largest social network in the U.S.

Pinterest now has 88 million MAUs in the U.S., marking an 8% year-over-year growth. The stats, which were announced in February in the company’s Q4 earnings call, blew most analyst estimates out of the park. EMarketer had projected Pinterest would close 2019 with 82.4 million U.S. users, ahead of the 80.2 million estimated for Snapchat.


Pinterest closed out 2019 by overtaking Snapchat as the third-biggest social network in the United States. Facebook and Instagram hold the top spots. Throw YouTube into the mix, and Pinterest falls to the fourth position. The community on Pinterest is growing. More and more people are joining this app. It’s time that your church does the same.


Women on Pinterest power buying decisions

71% of global Pinterest users are female, according to Statista. When concentrating on the U.S., Pinterest reaches 83% of women ages 25-54. That same group makes 80% of the buying decisions in U.S. households, and they are harnessing the power of Pinterest to visualize their future, strategize about their goals and assist them on their purchasing journey.


Pinterest is the new magazine. All you need is to have an internet connection and to download the app. Luckily, this app is free! Your church can set-up an account and create a magazine-type board where members and other interested individuals can pin your content on their board.


Pinterest Monthly Active Users

The 300 million monthly active users mark was crossed in the second quarter of 2019. It represents a 30 percent year-on-year growth and a 3.1 percent growth from the previous quarter.


The growth of Pinterest is very promising, and people are enjoying visual content rather than content that is purely written. A communicator shall be versatile and learn to communicate with people in any form or method.


Pinterest is most popular with women—especially moms

More than two-thirds of Pinterest’s base is women. And according to a recent study by ComScore, more than 80% of U.S. women ages 18-64 with children use Pinterest. In other words, 8 out of 10 moms are Pinners.


It is not the app’s primary intention to focus primarily on fashion. Still, it has become a tool for females to check the latest fashion trend and see the next fashion statement. Despite this, the church shouldn’t be discouraged because it offers more than the latest fashion trend. It has the capability of reaching people needing spiritual guidance.


Nine out of 10 Pinners describe Pinterest as filled with positivity

90% of users agree that Pinterest is “filled with positivity,” and the platform is doing its best to keep it that way. In the summer of 2019, Pinterest unveiled a “more compassionate search experience” with a collection of emotional well-being activities for users experiencing sadness, stress, anxiety, depression, and beyond.


Positivity is what the church is trying to spread. Our life with the Lord will always be positive no matter what situation we are in, whether good or bad. A single Bible verse from your page can change a day or even the life of any person who needs to see it the most. Pinterest is one of the few apps that let you spread positivity through pictures.


More than 14M articles are pinned daily

Pinterest Pins statistics show over 14 million articles pinned every day, while Pinterest serves over 1.5 trillion recommendations each year. These massive numbers weren’t always the reality for Pinterest; before 2017, they were significantly lower.


Your church can post as much as you can without irritating your viewers since Pinterest views images that lead a person to the article. It does not overwhelm viewers with long articles but lets them see images relative to the content your church has posted.


You can find over 75 billion ideas on Pinterest

The total number of Pinterest Pins is over 175 billion. The total number of Pinterest Boards is over 3 billion.


As above-mentioned, Pinterest views images that lead a person to the article that is why it’s easy to post on this app, and at the same time, it does not irritate people. Indeed, more and more people are posting on this app, whether it is fashion-related or not. Church communicators shall likewise use this app and spread the Lord’s words as much as possible.


The best time to upload your posts on Pinterest is in the evening from 8-11 pm and 2 am to 4 am

CoSchedule found that the best time to upload your posts on Pinterest is in the evening from 8-11 pm and 2 am to 4 am.


Fridays and Saturdays are also great times to post as people are planning weekend activities. However, timing does not matter on Pinterest, as long as you consistently post the right kind of content.


Monthly Searches on Pinterest

As one of the most popular social media sites globally, Pinterest currently has 322 million monthly active users.


Pinterest did reach the 300 million monthly active users mark in the second quarter of 2019. It represents a 30 percent year-on-year growth and a 3.1 percent growth from the previous quarter.


600 million of Pinterest’s monthly searches are visual

Visual search is on the rise. Roughly 62% of GenZers and millennials would like to be able to search by image. And as the only social network that offers the option, Pinterest is on its way to benefit.


Searches on Pinterest Lens, its browser extension, and visual search tool, increased by 140% between 2017 and 2018. As Lens gets sharper, this figure will undoubtedly grow. So far, it can already identify more than 2.5 billion objects across home and fashion pins, and even church content.



Together, these 10 Pinterest stats you need to know, give you a sense of how Pinterest’s user stats compare with other platforms. Start your Pinterest account now, and you’ll see how different it is from other social media platforms. This app is easy to use and far more accessible than any other platform. It is growing and will be one of the best social media platforms. So, be part of this platform and use it as a tool to communicate.


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