10 Ways Your Logo Can Help Build Community During COVID-19

Katie Allred

During the Covid-19 quarantine, members are looking for familiar sights and sound to feel connected to life as they knew it. Your logo is a recognizable symbol of your church and all it represents. Use it in your communications to connect with members and help them feel a sense of community. Here are 10 ways you can use your logo now:

  1. Digital invitations

Provide your church members with digital invitations they can email or send to friends on social media.

  1. New visitor follow-ups

People who haven’t been to church in years are joining online services. Provide your contact info or a link in a prominent and mention it during your service so they can connect with you.

  1. Handwritten notes

People are craving personal connections. A handwritten note in their mailbox will be appreciated and remembered.

  1. Social media posts

Whether it’s a thought for the day or a ministry reminder, include your logo in your social media posts.

  1. Apps

Ideal for your church logo and it makes it easier for people to connect with your church.

  1. Signs to announce online worship

Let your community know you’re still worshipping online. Post a sign or banner near your church sign with a simple message, “Online Worship, 10:00 am,” Be sure to include your logo.

  1. Website and social media pages

Your logo should be there already.

  1. Email signature

In most email preferences you can add a logo image. Adding your logo helps people recognize you and helps you look professional.

  1. Zoom backgrounds

Zoom allows you to add a background to your meetings. Whether it’s a generic background or a recognizable photo from your church campus, give people the option of a background that includes your church logo.

  1. Letter or Email newsletter

Connect with your church community mid-week to offer encouragement, remind them of ministry and service opportunities, and invite them to your weekend services. If you have everyone’s email address an email newsletter works well. If you have an older congregation, consider sending updates on your church letterhead and envelopes.

Even though you can’t be together, your logo can help your church build a sense of community as it presents a consistent identity that unifies your church around a shared vision and purpose. Put your logo to work to help your church community feel connected.

Michael Kern is the owner of the Church Logo Gallery. He’s helped over 2000 churches connect with their communities through well-crafted logos that shares their story and attracts guests. He has designed more than 2500 church and ministry logos and his work has received 175 awards and inclusion into design books and publications. Church Logo Gallery offers church and ministry logo design and updates, as well as design and printing for all of your church-related needs.


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