4 Ways You Can Use Your Website in a New Way

Kenny Jahng

4 Ways You Can Use Your Website in a New Way

Kenny Jahng

Church websites are a vital way to interact with your church members and community.  Not only do they provide important information, but they act as a front door for your church. If it is inviting and helpful, visitors are more likely to step foot in your church, and attending members have a place to stay updated with the latest info. Here are 4 ways you can use your website to connect with and reach others. Don’t miss out on these valuable tools!


A Central Hub for Your Church’s Calendar

Let families see all of the activities offered for all age groups in one convenient place.  Most families have members in different departments of the church – nursery, children, youth, teens, adults.  Gathering and processing information for each family member can be a daunting task.  Allow church members to not only see activities for all departments in one place but also register and sign up for the activities.  No more lost forms or misinformation.  This feature is sure to make life easier for families and workers alike.  


Choose a Responsive Website

We have all had the frustration of using a website on a phone, that just doesn’t work the way it should.  Choose to make your church’s website responsive.  This enables users to use your website on a variety of devices including desktop, tablet, smartphone, laptop, and others.  The good news is that you only have to keep up with one website!  That’s a win for everyone! 


Online Giving

Online giving is more preferred now than in the past.  It is easy and convenient for church members to tithe online.  Not only is it much faster and more secure than normal in-person tithing, but it allows people to choose what ministry to fund, makes church record keeping easier, and widens your giving base. You won’t regret adding this feature to your website.


Allow Visitors to “Visit” Your Church 

Be sure to include church staff photos and bios.  This allows prospective visitors to “meet” your staff before they arrive.  Also, include actual photos from your church.  Give online guests the opportunity to get to know the culture of your church.  Don’t forget to include sermon videos.  Let visitors have a glimpse of your church service.  



Websites have the ability to reach out to community members that we may never meet.  Make sure that your website is inviting, appealing, and effective.  If you’re not sure how to get started or what to do, don’t worry – we are here to help!  





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