Do Not Do This On Your Website!

If I were to ask you the question, “Do you like surprises?” your response would probably include the phrase, “It depends on the surprise”.  Some surprises are good, and some are not so good.  That’s why it is highly likely that most first-time guests to your church have gone to your website before their visit.  Visitors want to know what to expect and not be surprised.  On the same note, already existing members of your church congregation like to use your website to keep up with information and topics. It is vital that they also have a website that is easy to use, clean, and up to date with relevant content.


It is vital that your website is informative, welcoming, and engaging.  It’s easy to know what needs to be included on your website.  Let’s take a second to talk about what not to do on your church website.


Outdated Information

Users are on your site with one goal in mind – to learn about your church.  If your church has outdated information it is not helpful to anyone.  It also gives the impression that you are not a church that pays attention to details.  Make sure to keep your dates and information up to date.


Outdated/Poorly Designed Website

Your church’s website makes it very first impression for guests when they visit your site.  Website users often make assumptions and draw conclusions about your church from the website.  Are you giving the impression that you are a church that values excellence in all that you do to serve the Lord, or that you are willing to let things slide?


Hard to Find Physical Address/Service Times

Always make sure the church’s physical address and services times are easy to find on your website.  This is the one place people will be looking for this information.  Be sure to include the church phone number as well. Your homepage is the perfect place for this information.  Make it easy for people to find just what they need.


Forgetting to Use Pictures

Make your website is interesting and appealing by using high-quality photos.  Your website can be eye-catching just by adding stock photos or photos of your congregation throughout your website. This creates a unique feeling of community. People always love seeing others participating in events and activities.


Forgetting Childcare Information

Childcare information is a top priority for families.  Give parents the reassurance that they can expect high-quality childcare from your church, otherwise, they will not visit.


Neglecting Staff Information

The best websites include staff bios and photographs. It is nice that others can get to know your ministry leaders before stepping into your church. This may seem obvious, but make sure to keep photos and bios updated. Sometimes this page can be forgotten and neglected.


No Opportunity to Listen to Sermons

Many guests will listen to an online sermon before their visit.  Make sure they have the ability to engage with your church’s service before their first visit.



Make your website a vital part of your church’s outreach to guests as well as a helpful resource to your existing members.  Your website is not something that is supposed to be stagnant and unchanging.  You can help by visiting your website regularly and seeing just how it looks to others.  Keep content updated with all of your activities and dates.  Make sure to look at your website through the lens of a guest.  And lastly, be sure that it includes the information and details that you yourself would want to know.   Let us know – How have you improved your website?

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