10 Ways Churches Can Give Thanks on Social Media

As a child around thanksgiving, I remember learning about thankfulness in my Sunday school class. Learning about showing gratitude for something you’re given, or towards someone who has done something for you. 


Looking back, I am so thankful for my church’s Sunday school. Even now, as I think of what it is I am truly thankful for, I think of my church and the many other ways it has impacted my life. 


As a church, there are ways that you can show your thankfulness too! Either to your church teams, congregation, volunteers, or hey, why not all of the above.! And in this day and age, what better, easier way to do that than through social media!



Sharing a post on social media, whether Instagram, Facebook, etc. about someone or something you’re thankful for is an easy way to put the spotlight on something that has really impacted the church. 



Videos are a great, and more personal way for a church to reach out to the community via social media to show gratitude. A video of a ministry leader sharing their thankfulness to a member, a team, or the whole church! It can be such a special way to communicate gratitude, and it can mean a lot to those people.



This is a creative, and fun way to share thankfulness. With graphics, you can add text, colors, pictures, and more. You can personalize the graphics to really capture what you’re thankful for. Usually, people would simply post a graphic, once it’s made, to their account. It is that easy!



Although simple posts can be just enough to show thankfulness, a blog post can allow you to add more information, and more opportunities to show gratitude. Blogs can range from many lengths, and so you have plenty of creative space to explain why your church is thankful for something or someone.



Who doesn’t like a list! They can make it so simple to say what it is you’re thankful for. You can list five, ten, or however many things you want. There are so many things to be thankful for, and sometimes just a simple list can inspire others to take a second and think about what it is they’re thankful for as well.



The memories we share with others are so valuable. A church can have so many fond memories such as events, baptisms, guest speakers, etc. Sharing your church’s memories is a great way to show gratitude towards the congregation, team members, and volunteers for being there to make all of the memories possible.



Psalm 9:1 says, “I will give thanks to you, Lord, with all my heart: I will tell of all your wonderful deeds.” There are plenty of verses in the Bible that remind us to give thanks. Posting verses on social media can show a church’s thankfulness in different ways, and remind people of what God has done for us.


Live Stream

Live streams can be so much fun! You can include games, ask the live audience questions, and more. You can also share what you’re thankful for live, and talk directly to the people watching it. This can allow a church to give thanks more directly on social media. This is also a fun way to get people involved and engage with church content. 


Digital Giveaway

Sometimes, a great way to show your gratitude is by giving back to others. A giveaway can be anything big or small, a few things or many. It can be a way to give back to a congregation that has supported the church for years. 



Quotes can be simple, yet very meaningful. They can be added to social media posts to thank someone, or to show appreciation for something. It can add more context to what it is you’re thankful for.



There are great ways for a church to give thanks on social media. Blogs, shout-outs, sharing memories, graphics, quotes, etc. come in all different sizes. Yet, they are all fantastic ways to show gratitude. No matter which one you choose to do (or which ones) your thankfulness is sure to be received and appreciated. Happy Thanksgiving and be sure to let the people in your life know that you are thankful for them!  


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