2021 Graphic Design Trends

Katie Allred

2021 Graphic Design Trends

Katie Allred

As the new year comes, a fresh set of trends and ideas in the graphics world arrives. After a year of hardships, there is a need for us to have a new perspective on things. It brings us new opportunities as a church to communicate and connect with our communities better. Several styles have risen in the past years. In 2021, there’s a handful of graphic design trends that are great for churches! Here are some of our current favorite trends that will help your church graphics stand out this year.


3D design 

The 3D design may not be entirely new in the graphics world, but they are trendier in 2021. Innovative and creative designs are here, and they are certainly an excellent way to develop your church’s media presence. 3D elements, such as texts and illustrations, will add dimension and a sense of realism to your projects, which will make your graphics more appealing to your audience. This style is great for infographics and announcement graphics for your church events!


Retro vibe

In short, nostalgia is something we all crave. Over the last few months, we have seen a lot of retro fonts and color palettes. This trend is a thing that could be appropriate for all ages—the older generations will indeed feel nostalgic about it, and at the same time, it will appeal to the younger ones because it is hip and trendy! Using this trend for your social pages will give you a fun and playful way to display your church.


Nature-Themed Designs

Time to reconnect in 2021 with nature by incorporating colors of earth-tone, leafy designs, and any elements that scream nature into your graphics. With the pandemic taking place, people are left with this sudden desire to feel the sun’s warmth, the texture of the grass, and the wind’s coolness touch their skins. As social distancing and quarantine encourage individuals to embrace more organic designs and those with a more natural feeling, it is a good choice for your church to jump on this trend.


Authentic representation

As churches, we need to be inclusive. We need to show our community that we are a safe space for everyone. We need to show that we are embracing diversity continuously. One way to show this is through our church’s graphics. Integrating diverse, authentic representations of different people allows your church to exhibit inclusivity to your community. At the same time, it could also leave an impact on your audience and help them reflect on their own prejudice as an individual.

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Trends come and go; they are ever-changing and ever-evolving. As church communicators, we could pick up a thing or two from these 2021 graphic design trends. But we should always remember to be creative and innovative. We do not have to limit ourselves and stick to these trends but rather use them as an inspiration for our future projects.


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