The Surprising Value of Screen Time

There is a truth universally acknowledged that kids are addicted to two terrible things: sugar and screens. While I don’t purport to be a nutritionist, I can speak to the screen time issue with some authority: I’m a former kid who arguably had “too much screen time,” now an executive of a streaming services company, […]

How to Demonstrate the Power of a Communication Strategy to Leadership

I remember a church leader once told me, “Evan, the problem with our church is we’re trying to be all things to all people, so we have to communicate everything, to everyone, in every way possible, and that doesn’t move anyone to take a next step.”   So true. Maybe you feel that in your […]

How to Reach the 25-35 Year Old Demographic In Your Church

How can you successfully reach the 25-35 year old demographic? This is a question that many churches ponder with excitement and nervousness. While this question doesn’t have a perfect answer, it does make one dig into the true pulse and health of the church.  Since I am fresh out of this decade of my life […]