How 242 Community Church took back their website

Feeling frustrated and not knowing what to do, the Comms team at 242 looked to our team to help solve their problems.  When we heard their story, we got involved right away.

We first had to address the major problems they had

Watch the interview about how their website was a hot mess...

We recently had the opportunity to rebuild 242 Community Church’s outdated website. With an ineffective site failing to meet its goals, they desired a strategic redesign to better reach its target audience.

Utilizing an intentional strategy and user-centric approach, the church now has a site that attracts new visitors while better supporting existing members. 

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Hear what their team has to say

We had the opportunity to speak with Maggie Johnson and Kim Traud about their experience working with our team on this website redesign.

“We loved working on this project with Missional Marketing. The communication was huge. We could shoot off a question and have an answer back in minutes, any day of the week. Whether it was via email, Slack, or phone, problems got solved quickly,” said Maggie. “Having a whole team on their side was so valuable. We’re a small staff wearing multiple hats, so having a true partner in our corner made all the difference.”

Kim was excited to build this website that she will now manage. “Who we’re trying to reach shaped everything. We wanted to craft content specifically for people who may not have a church background and rethink our navigation and visuals accordingly. Before, our site catered only to people already connected to us. The redesign is focused on the 30-something mom exploring church for the first time and making that experience welcoming,” said Kim. 

“One tactic that worked well was sharing preview screenshots of completed pages in our staff Slack channel. I’d pull a hero image or a section of text from the events page, for example, and give a sneak peek. It built momentum without spoiling the big reveal,” said Maggie. 

“There was never frustration on their end when we needed hand-holding. The Missional Marketing team brought a delicate balance of being friendly and fun while still moving the project forward efficiently.”

“With our prior site, just posting a sermon or making a text update felt clunky and complex. Now we can manage content seamlessly ourselves,” said Maggie. “The simplified WordPress website allows us to keep the site current without relying on outside help for every little change. It’s built for sustainability. We can spend time creating new pages and blog content rather than spinning our wheels trying to wrestle the CMS into submission. The training they provided set us up for success.”

“Honestly, we were pretty nervous going in due to past experiences. But they surpassed our hopes across the board – on the product itself and the enjoyable process. There’s still more work to do building on this foundation, but we now have a site that reflects who we are and where we want to go. I’m thrilled with how it positions us for the future. We’re grateful.”


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The Results

The website now can accomplish their main goals – communicating who they are in a warm, transparent way while making it easy for visitors to find information and get involved.

While every church has unique needs, 242’s story provides insights into how a focus on strategic goals, open collaboration, and engaging design can help create a website that furthers the mission. As Maggie and Kim shared, it’s about conveying who you are while removing barriers for those seeking Christ.

Some key insights from building this website:


  • The old site catered only to internal members rather than unchurched visitors
  • Analytics showed people only visiting events and database pages
  • Poor navigation made it difficult for people to find information
  • Minimal content left visitors underwhelmed
  • Previous partner provided frustratingly slow service


  • Research target audience of unchurched women with kids
  • Audit current site content and architecture
  • Build an intuitive IA focused on user needs
  • Implement clean, modern design aligned to brand
  • Create dedicated pages speaking to target audience
  • Add rich content showcasing ministries and values
  • Utilize imagery reflecting real people and emotions
  • Develop clear calls-to-action across site


  • Easy to navigate IA and simplified content hierarchy
  • Mobile responsive design increases accessibility
  • Content and messaging tailored to unchurched moms
  • Increased staff excitement and buy-in through previews
  • Positive user feedback on aesthetics and usability
  • Site poised for organic growth through new content
  • Streamlined site maintenance through custom CMS

Key Takeaways

  • Know your target audience and optimize content for them
  • Simplify and clarify IA and navigation
  • Partner with experts to augment internal capabilities
  • Get stakeholder buy-in through previews and communication
  • Focus on user experience from both design and content perspectives

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