3 Amazing Virtual Team Building Activities

Katie Allred

3 Amazing Virtual Team Building Activities

Katie Allred

Team building is great for connecting and forming relationships. Not only does it help improve productivity, but it helps encourage collaboration, builds trust, respect, and motivation within your workplace. 


However, if you work in a remote position, you know team building activities are not always possible. 


If you are looking for some creative ideas on how to connect with your colleagues in a virtual space, we’ve got you covered! 


Check out these 3 amazing virtual team building activities.


Quarterly Christmas: 

We all love Christmas, right? Usually, it seems Christmas is gone in a flash, but why stop after December 25th?


Try giving Quarterly Christmas a try. Once every few months, you and your team members will send each other a fun gift in the mail. This simple activity is sure to make anyone’s day a little brighter. We all love getting a gift in the mail. 


Some easy gift ideas to send are gift cards, favorite snacks, tech gadgets, etc… You may want to set a budget of $15-20 so it doesn’t become too expensive. 


Virtual Book Club:

Just like a real book club, you and your colleagues can read books together in a virtual setting. Try starting out with a smaller, more manageable book. This way it is easy to finish, and you will be able to see if your colleagues would like to continue with your virtual book club.


Who is your favorite character? What is the best chapter? Just have fun with it! 


By doing this, you all will be able to discuss your thoughts on the book and form closer relationships. 


Recipe Roundup:

Recipe roundups are perfect for any foodie in your group. I mean, who doesn’t love a good meal! 


Have each of your team members contribute recipes that center around a common theme. These themes may be something like “your favorite meal growing up,” or “the best dessert recipe ever.”

Once everyone has a recipe (that isn’t their own), they can create it in their own time and share pictures. This is a fun and simple activity that will help get people talking! 



Even though you may work remotely, that doesn’t mean you can’t have a close relationship with your team. Try giving some of these fun virtual team-building activities a try! You won’t regret it!





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