3 Essential Pages For Your Church Website

Colin Schaafsma

3 Essential Pages For Your Church Website

Colin Schaafsma

Your church’s website is extremely important when it comes to new visitors. Your website will likely be one of the first places that they check out before deciding to attend.

Obviously, your homepage/landing page is the most important page of the website, and this is true for pretty much every website, but are there any other pages that are just as important?

The answer is yes! Here are 3 essential pages for your church website: 

Plan A Visit Page

The first page we’re gonna start off with is the “plan a visit page.” Most of your church’s website traffic is going to be potential new visitors. Having a “plan a visit page” is perfect for these people.

Some things that you can include on this page would be a welcome video, and a “what can I expect” section. Go over what the visitors’ entire experience will be while visiting your church.

About Page

The next page is the classic “about page.” People love to see what your church is all about before deciding to visit, so letting them know who you are, where you came from, and where you’re headed is great for helping them determine whether or not to step through your doors.

Be sure to explain somewhere on the page how the visitor fits into the story of your church.

Staff Page

The final page that we’re going to talk about is the “staff page.” This is the page where visitors can get to know the leadership of your church before they attend. Be sure to include professional looking pictures of your staff, and if you are including bio’s, have them written in the first-person context.

You may be asking “Why first-person?” First-person sounds so much more personal and inviting, and right off the bat, visitors will already start to feel welcomed.




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