3 Simple Steps To Managing Your Volunteer Team Better

Colin Schaafsma

3 Simple Steps To Managing Your Volunteer Team Better

Colin Schaafsma

Volunteers are extremely important to your church and your church’s ministry, and it is essential to have an effective way to manage your team. 

Here are 3 simple steps to managing your volunteer team better:

Volunteer Management Software

Having a church volunteer management software is perfect for helping you and your volunteers visualize everything that needs to get done from your phones and your computers.

From the software you can filter volunteers into their own custom groups; groups such as Sunday School, or Wednesday Night Small Group. All the details that volunteers may need can also be found within the management software. 


Volunteers for your church are looking to give their time and talents to benefit your church’s ministry. Find ways to give your volunteers meaningful experience in your ministry. 

Don’t let your call-to-actions be vague and bland. Always directly call your congregation to signup. CTA’s such as “if you’re interested” and “if you want to help out” are on the weaker side. Call people to directly sign up as volunteers.

Keep the signup process simple, straight-forward, and easy.


Volunteers are just that, volunteers. Some may be experts at a certain position, but others just want to give their time and help out. You need to be able to provide some kind of training to get everyone on the same page.

Develop an introduction course for your volunteers. Something that you can provide for all of your new volunteers. Remember, it’s important that your volunteers are all on the same page, not just about the tasks they may need to complete, but also about your church’s mission.

Your volunteers represent your church. Training them to represent your church’s mission, beliefs, and values is essential.


Don’t be afraid to check-in. In fact, make a note to check-in with your volunteers weekly. Checking-in with your team lets them know that they are wanted and needed; that they are an essential part to your church’s mission.

Checking-in with your volunteer team also allows them to give your church feedback on how things could be run differently or more efficiently. Encourage your volunteers to provide feedback based on their experiences serving.


Volunteers are an essential part of your church and your church’s ministry, and having an effective way to manage your team is necessary. Try implementing each of these steps into your volunteer management process today.




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