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3 Tips For Using SEO For Your Church

Katie Allred

3 Tips For Using SEO For Your Church

Katie Allred

Your website is one of your most valuable tools for your church. It’s a way for new followers to find you and communicate information to new and current congregates. SEO plays a big part in directing traffic to your website. Without an SEO, people won’t be able to find you. But SEO can be confusing for marketing newcomers, so here are 3 tips for using SEO for your church.

1. Use Common Phrases for Your SEO

This one might feel a bit like a Jedi mind trick. But when using SEO for your church, you need to pick phrases that other people query.

Picture yourself staring out at your backyard. It’s spring, and you’ve spontaneously decided to plant a garden. Especially a cabbage garden. One problem. You don’t know anything about cabbages. Or growing a garden. So you pop over to your computer and type in…what do you type in?

You want to know how to grow cabbages, so maybe: how do I grow cabbage? Or maybe you want a little more specific advice: tips for growing cabbage.

When you’re writing a blog or posting your service online, or you’re advertising a small group, you need to ask yourself what an average everyday person in your target audience would type in to get this post/service/small group to pop up.

Check out this list of the Top 50 SEO Keywords for Churches to get ideas!

2. Get Other Sites to Link to Your Site

Obviously, you want to vet the site before asking them to link your website to their website. But you should get organizations you partner with, members of your congregation, or really any other trustworthy and appropriate source to link to your website.

If you do, you’ll improve your SEO and increase traffic to your website.

This, of course, means you should, in return, link other websites within your content. While this creates a mutually beneficial partnership, also there is a chance your blog will pop up if someone queries the website you linked.

3. Blog Blog Blog

Creating consistent content for your congregation and potential followers goes miles for boosting your SEO. Look at gaps that need to be filled and then fill it. Think about what you wish you know more about.

For example: is there an aspect of your doctrine that you’re constantly getting questions about? Is there a confusing part of your doctrine that could be broken down into laymen’s terms? How about helpful tips for making your church run smoothly online?

Whatever you’re writing about, make sure you’re interested in learning more about it, or you see an information gap that needs to be filled.

Looking For More Information?

If these 3 tips for using SEO for your church were helpful, or if you have SEO tips, drop them in the comments.




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