3 Tools To Create Effective Online Sermon Notes

Katie Allred

3 Tools To Create Effective Online Sermon Notes

Katie Allred

We can all admit that attention spans are becoming shorter and shorter. The average attention span lasts for around 10-12 seconds. Meanwhile, sermons usually go on for 30-45 minutes long. Especially with online services, distractions are increasing.

One way to avoid this is through note-taking. It will increase people’s attention during the service while having better retention of the information being preached. With that, here are some tools for online sermon notes.


YouVersion Events

YouVersion is a free and easy-to-use tool that has a lot of features like note-taking. Church leaders could also connect to their people through this. Pastors could post their sermon outlines, announcements, recommendations of reading, and more for people to engage. 


FaithNotes is a digital Fill-in-the-blank sermon notes tool that could increase engagement from members with its interactive notes and digital bulletin. Users could convert world files to fill-in-the-blank sermon notes instantly, and members could save these to their email, drives, and devices. It also allows users to add their private notes from the sermon, and link Bible passages just right inside the notes page. 

Subsplash Notes

It is an interactive option you can also use for note-taking. It is a fill-in type that allows churches to provide a pre-made sheet so members could follow along and engage with the sermon. There is also a personal note section provided if users have additional thoughts they want to write after reading the material. To save, just send the note to your email, and you’re done!


The goal of these services is for people to listen and understand it, not just sit through them. If you want to have better engagements with your congregation, while making sure that they get the most out of the sermons, you should check out these tools! Have recommendations? Leave them in the comments. 




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