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3 Ways to Curate Photo Content for Social Media During Quarantine

Katie Allred

attractive social media

3 Ways to Curate Photo Content for Social Media During Quarantine

Katie Allred

Although graphics are great on social media, it’s always good to include photos in your scheduled content.

So, how do we create content with photos if we can’t get to church to take any photos?

Here are 3 Ways to Curate Photo Content for Social Media:

1. Don’t be shy to ask for photos.

Ask your church members if they have photos from past gatherings or services that you could share on your site or page. It may be from last year’s family day, or the church’s anniversary, anything that happened in your church can be used. Facebook group member Caryn Barkley also suggested that you could ask them to take pictures of their family or loved ones attending online church. If you know some front line workers, reach out and ask if you could do a story on them. Ask for selfies at work or pictures with their teams, and also ask them to give a few sentences describing how the current situation is affecting them.

2. Use stock photos

You could use pictures from free stock photo websites such as Unsplash or Pexels. They can be used as a backdrop for a bible verse or even for just a motivational quote for the day. It’s good to post graphics on your page from time to time. Although stock photos can be great for filler posts, try not to use them for every post. 

3. Recycle old posts

There’s nothing wrong with reusing old photos. Make a #throwback post to reminisce past events with your congregation. You could also use this to share with your new members all the fun you had in the past, showing what’s in store for them in the future! You could also make a video compilation using the photos. Have fun with it and be creative!

You could also check out The Ultimate Social Media Blueprint for Churches by Pro Church Tools. This site is an excellent resource for handling your church’s social media accounts, giving out great ideas for your church’s posts and engagements online.




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