3 Ways To Up Your Church’s Live Streaming Game

Colin Schaafsma

3 Ways To Up Your Church’s Live Streaming Game

Colin Schaafsma

Live streaming church has become an extremely popular way of attending church, especially within this last year. There’s no doubt that offering up a live stream of your church’s service has become essential.

Maybe you’re looking to start live streaming, or maybe you’re looking to improve the streams you already provide. Regardless, the following tips are going to be super helpful for you.

Here are 3 ways to up your church’s live streaming game:

The Pre-Service Show

Add a pre-service show. The pre-service show is a little segment that takes place before the actual service begins. Many times these are even displayed during an in-person service. Consider setting up a studio of sorts where you can film your pre-service show.

There are plenty of things you can talk about in your pre-service show. Talk about who you are as a church. This is especially important for visitors who may not know a lot about you yet. Talk about some of the things your church does and how they are made possible. Talk about what some next steps are for visitors and for your congregation.

Other fun elements you can include in your pre-service show are things like a countdown timer and some animation with graphics.

The Announcements

Add announcements in a way that captivates your viewers. Announcements don’t have to be boring. Find ways to make them more conversational.

Having two people talking together about whatever week’s announcements it may be is a great way to keep people interested. You want your church family to feel a personal touch, and this is especially true during live-streaming.

Another thing to keep in mind is the camera placements. Speaking your announcements directly into the camera helps your live stream audience, again, feel that personal touch.

The Sermon

Finally, consider filming a separate sermon for your live-streams. It’s going to take a bit of extra work, but if you are able to make time for it, your live-streams are going to be so much more professional and personal.

Filming separately allows the teacher to speak directly through the camera to the audience. This leads the audience to feeling like the sermon was made intentionally for them, instead of feeling like they’re watching the sermon from outside the window.

Another thing you can include at the end of your stream is some discussion questions. This gives your viewers an easy way to talk about the sermon amongst their family and friends, and is a great way to close out your live-stream service!




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