3 Ways Your Church Can Use Podcasts

Donna Ernest

3 Ways Your Church Can Use Podcasts

Donna Ernest

With millions of people listening to podcasts and the number growing daily, the question is not Should our church have a podcast? The question is What type of podcast works best for our church?

According to and their recent list of the Top 100 Christian Podcasts You Must Follow in 2021, popular Christian podcasts range from humor and fun in The Holy Post to taking on tough theological questions with Ask Pastor John. There are podcasts for Christian women, wives, men, singles, writers, leaders, and the list goes on. The format differs based on the subject and the audience.

Here are 3 ways your church can easily use podcasting to create community and reach out to a mission field that would never access your brick and mortar.

1. Sermon Audio Podcast

Probably the simplest type of podcast, sermon audio can easily be converted to a podcast. If you are recording or live streaming your worship, lifting the audio from the sermon is possible through a wide range of software including Audacity (with FFmpeg) and Adobe Premiere Pro to name a couple. This style reaches a listener on a very personal level often when they are alone and have time to reflect on the message.

2. Interview-Style Podcast

The interview style is more engaging for the listener. Like radio talk and popular morning shows, the listener feels as if they are eavesdropping on a real conversation. The give and take of the banter offer an opportunity to explore a topic in a way that a lecture-style sermon often does not.
Again, your church already has the resources in people of your congregation and community. Explore the call story of your staff or highlight the life changes laity have experienced in their spiritual journey.

3. Discipleship Resource

A podcast does not have to be 30-45 minutes long. Sometimes a quick 10 or 15-minute devotional is best. Another way to incorporate a podcast into your outreach is to use it as a Bible study or book club study. Podcasting is just another tool in the discipleship and leadership development toolbox for churches.

These are just 3 ways your church can use podcasts to disseminate the message, but they are not the only ways. Get your creative juices flowing and discern what is best for your community and then jump into the medium of podcasting.


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