4 Canva Hacks that’ll Change Your Life

Katie Allred

4 Canva Hacks that’ll Change Your Life

Katie Allred

Canva is a design tool that has become increasingly more popular in the last couple of years. Offering 5013(c)’s the pro version at discounted or even free rates have caused many churches to jump on board. However, affordable cost aside, Canva has become one of the best design tools. Its flexibility to create anything from Instagram stories to infographics has people raving. So, how can you get the most out of Canva? Here are 4 Canva hacks that’ll change your life.


Social Media Scheduling

Canva rolled out a social media content scheduler last year. It’s a great way to create your graphics and schedule them all in a one-stop-shop.


Create Digital Mock-Ups

With online church becoming more and more popular, the ability to put your church’s picture on a television or smartphone can come in handy! Here’s a short IGTV explaining how to do that with Canva.


Background Remover

We’ve all wanted to make the graphic with just a speaker over our cool design, promoting a special service or conference. But, sometimes, removing the background from a person’s picture is can be a hassle. Well, with Canva’s background remover tool, it’s easier than ever.

1: Create a template in any size

2: Upload an image to Canva (Upload tab is on the left)

3: Click uploaded image, and it will be added to your page

4: Click the image, and choose “Effects” in the editor at the top.

5: Click Background Remover (it’s the first option)


Canva animator for GIFs or Animated social posts

Create eye-popping animations for any design with Canva’s animator tool. For a full tutorial on using the animation feature click here.  

Bonus: Shortcuts

  1. Copy: Cmd/Ctrl + C
  2. Paste: Cmd/Ctrl + V
  3. Quick Copy: Alt/Option + Drag
  4. Add a text box: T key
  5. Bold text: Cmd/ctrl + B
  6. Italicized text: Cmd/ctrl + I
  7. Underline text: Cmd/Ctrl + U
  8. Increase font size: Cmd/Ctrl + Shift + >
  9. Decrease font size: Cmd/Ctrl + Shift + <
  10. Copy text style: Cmd/Ctrl + Option/Alt + C
  11. Paste text style: Cmd/Ctrl + Option/Alt + V
  12. Convert text to uppercase: Cmd/ctrl + Shift + K
  13. Group elements: Cmd/Ctrl + G
  14. Ungroup elements: Cmd/Ctrl + Shift + G
  15. Duplicate elements: Cmd/ctrl + D
  16. Select all elements: Cmd/ctrl + A
  17. Deselect element: ESC key
  18. Delete element: Delete key
  19. Send elements backward: Cmd/ctrl + [
  20. Elements forward: Cmd/ctrl + ]
  21. Undo an action: Cmd/ctrl + Z
  22. Redo an action: Cmd/ctrl + Shift + Z
  23. Add a new page: Cmd/Ctrl + Return key
  24. Delete empty page: Cmd/Ctrl + Delete key
  25. Select multiple elements: Shift + Click


Canva is a powerful tool, and easy to learn. Therefore, making it a perfect choice for churches. We hope these Canva hacks are helpful, and you have fun designing!




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