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4 Creative Sermon Video Examples

Katie Allred

4 Creative Sermon Video Examples

Katie Allred

As we evolve our church online experience, we look for ways to get more creative with our sermon videos. Need inspiration? Here are some of the most creative videos our Facebook group members have shared with us:

Church Talk

“I made a series a couple of years ago that we’re my attempt to create sermons on YouTube, imagining what it would have been like if Casey Neistat went to seminary:  And now I make a weekly video Bible study that sometimes veers towards video sermons: Jim Keat 

Video Podcast Interview Style

“We transitioned to a ‘video podcast’ style with two people each week and it could not have been received better.Tim Umphreys 

Fun Intro/Outros

“It’s fun to see what everyone is up to as we try to innovate and imagine church for an online context. We’re beginning to try to add a bit of variety and artistry to our sermon approach during this season as well. Here’s our service from a couple of weeks back. You might find the opening/welcome, and also the sermon (Begins at about 19:00) interesting.Don McCaleb 

Being Creative

Dave Adamson had a great sermon a couple of weeks ago that was super creative.Joshua Verwers


Know anyone else with great sermon videos? Feel free to leave a link in the comments. 




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