4 Creative Ways to Pray

Katie Allred

4 Creative Ways to Pray

Katie Allred

The Lord gives us creativity. In this time of the pandemic, it’s easy to become stagnant in our prayer lives. Maybe, since being home, your prayer routine has been put on pause. Maybe you never really had a good prayer routine. As we all know, prayer is not confined to church on Sunday. As Christians, we have a direct line of contact with the creator of the universe, through prayer. That being said, prayer is not always asking for things. It’s a time that we can grow spiritually and grow in our relationship with Jesus Christ.

Let’s use the creativity and tools that God has given us to find different ways to pray. Here are 4 Creative Ways to Pray:

Zoom Prayers

There is real power in prayer, especially in groups. Use Zoom or any other online conference tool to hold a time of prayer as a group. Feel free to have a pastor lead this time but also, ask others if they would like to pray.


Journaling your prayers is a great way to pray. With journals, you can keep track of what God is doing in your life. The best thing about journaling is that it is incredibly personal. Only you and God know what you’re dealing with. Each day of journaling can be something different. Some days you could journal what God has taught you in your Bible reading. Others could be journaling what happened at work today or how you shared the Gospel. You could think of journaling as writing letters to or texting God. I know that sounds cheesy, but prayer is about having a conversation with our God. We should talk to Him just as much, if not more, than everyone else in our lives. Every day we find a reason to be grateful to the Lord, so let’s write it down. At the end of each week, you can conduct a self-reflection or share with the church on what lessons you learned.

Coloring for Kids

Kids have an incredibly creative imagination. So let them grab their crayons and papers and draw what they want to pray for or what they are grateful for. Let them express their prayers colorfully and creatively.


Prayer is an act of worship. And worship doesn’t have to just take place on Sunday mornings. Worship in the car on your way to work. Worship while you’re cutting the grass. Worship while you do laundry. Worship around a fire. Worship when you don’t feel like worshipping. Music is an incredible tool that God has given us, so let’s use it to show God our gratefulness.


Whatever way you pray, always make it personal and from the heart. Prayer is not only a way we ask something from the Lord, but it is also a way we can show our gratefulness. Prayer is about conversation. Use the creativity that God has given you to show your thankfulness. Pray in groups. Pray over the phone. Journal. Worship. Whatever you do, do unto the Lord.

Have any other creative ideas for prayer? Let us know in the comments.




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