4 Must Have Accessories for Photographing Your Next Ministry Event

Katie Allred

4 Must Have Accessories for Photographing Your Next Ministry Event

Katie Allred

There is almost nothing better than a perfectly timed snapshot right in the height of a powerful speech. However, if you don’t have yourself set up properly with the right tools at your disposal, you could be setting yourself up for failure. Let’s go through four different accessories that are absolute must haves for your upcoming event.

Get Camera Battery Grip

This article is written with the assumption that the target audience is using DSLR cameras rather than “point and shoot” types. This needs to be made clear seeing as the options and differences between the two types of cameras could not be more blatant. A battery grip is a device which connects to the bottom of the camera, extending the entire body by an inch or two depending on the grip. The grip will both hold two batteries simultaneously, as well as typically allowing the user to push buttons on the bottom edge of the camera to take the picture or adjust things. This allows the user to hold the camera way up high and aim it downward, which could be picture saving in many situations.

Camera Bags Are Important

Courtesy of Wandrd Camera Bags

Bring your camera bag. This is one of the simplest steps towards preparing yourself for being ready. The pack will both help you keep your camera safe while not using it, as well as providing you with the proper pockets and organization opportunities for a lot of your other gear. It’s also handy when you have a lot of gear and need to keep it with you as the church activities progress. The bag could not be any more important for a photographer because having one’s camera in there while not in use helps to prevent dust from blowing into the camera, which will slowly break it, as well as helping reduce any damage from the inevitable nearby spill situation.

Camera Lens Cap and Strap

There’s almost no accessory that is more universally needed and under-utilized than the lens cap. The idea of not having one with you is merely incorrect. Protect your lens from scratches, scuffs, dust and the like and keep your images looking sharp. However, one of the most life-saving accessories is the camera strap that allows photographers to wear their cameras safely around their neck. This handy accessory helps to protect your camera from accidental mishaps such as being bumped into and dropping your precious camera at crowded assemblies. Honestly, it’s best to be prepared for an accident than to let one catch you buy surprise.

Tripods are Delightful

Courtesy of Finding the Universe

Bring a little tripod with you, even if you have no intention of using it. It’s great for group photos and candid pictures at your church potluck. There are infinite ways that one could come in handy, and being without one is far too limiting. Bring a tripod and be ready to use it, as it just might save your picture.

Be ready for your upcoming shoot and prepare. Bring your camera bag, battery grip, lens cap, and tripod, and you should always be ready for what is thrown at you. It’s time to take some excellent storytelling images. For more technology hacks to benefit you and your church, check out our other articles!


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