Man writing blog on laptop.

4 Reasons To Set a Blog Up for Your Church

Cat LaPlante

Man writing blog on laptop.

4 Reasons To Set a Blog Up for Your Church

Cat LaPlante

You have a website that you feel like says all it needs to say. You have the necessary pages like your ‘Mission’ page, ‘What we Believe’ page, ‘Events’ page, ‘Staff’ page; it’s all there!  So why bother blogging?  At Church Communications, we have a few things to say about the benefits of regularly blogging on your church website.  Check them out below!

Reason #1 – It’s part of your engagement strategy.

Someone once said, “Communication is the key to success.” Your strategy as a church communicator should always have a goal of increasing engagement.  Simply using your blog as a way to reach out to the community is a way to grow in that goal.  In your writings, you can uplift community members, demonstrate your services and community work, and celebrate Jesus in relatable ways!  Being relatable in your blogs shows anyone on the outside of your church that you can bring scripture into today’s world and that you live out Jesus’s commandment of loving your neighbor.

Reason #2 – It helps visitors understand your church mission and values.

Not everyone has had great experiences in the church but when you put the mission and values of your church in the forefront, you are inviting in everyone that is able to open their minds to the purpose of the building you want them in every Sunday. Using your blog to show others what you do there on a daily, weekly, monthly basis is a great way to demonstrate to anyone on the outside who may be turned off by the word ‘church,’ just how you are living out your mission and values not only in the building but as the body of Christ.

Reason #3 – It establishes stronger website SEO.

Simply put: People are going online to find their church. We once asked our community of over 31,000 church communicators the goal of their church website and while answers varied, the overwhelming answer was to show a welcoming atmosphere and get people in the door.  Now, how to do use your website to become successful?  Easy answer!  Making your website more attractive to search engines by blogging to increase search engine optimization (SEO). Take my story for example.  We have a church within walking distance from our home whose mission aligns with ours, is family friendly, and very inviting.  It checks all the boxes to get us in the door.  Plus, I hear all about their great activities on the ‘mom’ Facebook pages which is a big bonus but my family still chooses to go to another church about 15 minutes away.  Why? Well, when we moved to a new area just 7 months ago, I went online and typed “churches near me” and our current home church popped up quickly.  Showing up right there, got me to click and become engaged.  We attended and now consider it our church family!  I believe we would be happy at the closer church but just seeing the signs out front did not get me in the door, it was finding the website online that helped us find our new church home. 

Reason #4 – It’s a way to connect with members and visitors outside the church building.

Blogging keeps you connected to the community and engages the people who may not be able to physically visit a church and others who may be seeking or attending elsewhere and still want to be involved.  Using your blog to talk about what food you served at your last event with a recipe or two or about the great events happening with your Youth.  Showcasing all that you are doing inside the building helps people to understand and engages those that are not physically with you.  


Do you have a blog on your church website?  We would love to read your recent posts and see what you’ve been working on. Jump in the group and leave a link! 





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