4 Ways to Get Your Church Staff to Take Part in Your Social Media Strategy

Tom Pounder

4 Ways to Get Your Church Staff to Take Part in Your Social Media Strategy

Tom Pounder

“We need to be using social media better. What should we do?” Has this question ever been asked of you before from one of your church’s staff members? Or how about, “How can we get more people involved in social media?” Have you ever been asked that one before?

If you work in church communication as a volunteer or paid staffer, chances are that you have been asked either or both of these questions. So how do you respond when these questions get asked?

The simple responses to both these questions are “yes” and “we do need to get more people involved”. The more detail response is “I have a few ideas”. For instance you can do any of the 4 ideas below that will help you get more staff involvement in your social media strategy.

Get staff to like or follow the social media pages.

I know this sounds odd, but I have found when staffers tell me they don’t see social media posts from the church it is because they aren’t actually following the social media accounts. It’s actually shocking how many don’t follow those accounts. So encourage them to like or follow the different social media accounts so they can see all that you are doing. That tends to solve a lot of questions.

Provide staff with sample tweets/posts.

There are some people on staff who really want to promote and share what is happening at your church but don’t know what to say. That is why you can help them by providing them sample tweets or post to share. Whether it is weekly or every other week or even monthly, write up an email that you send to the staffers and key volunteers  that have examples of what they can share. Then, they can take share them exactly as you have written or they can tweak them to make more of their style. Regardless, you are giving people info to share.

Encourage everyone to share or retweet posts.

Even with the sample posts you provide staffers, they still may feel uncomfortable posting. If this is the case, encourage them to share what the “official” church/ministry site posts. They can share it on their personal sites or, better yet, they could share it on community pages they are apart of.

Commission each department to be advocates.

Things are happening all the time in ministry.  It is hard to be everywhere at once 7 days a week. That is why you can enlist people in each department to be social media advocates. They can take pictures, think of great posts to send out and either send you stuff to post or post themselves on social media (as long as you trust them to post).

Being the only one to do social media for your church or Ministry can be overwhelming at times. That is why the more people you get involved the better. These are just 4 simple but effective ways for you to be including the church/ministry staff in your social media strategy. The more they are involved the greater your reach and impact your church can have in reaching more people for Christ.

Do you have other ways you have gotten more staff engagement from your church? Share your thoughts with us in the group.


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