4 Ways To Use Instagram Live For Your Church

Katie Allred

4 Ways To Use Instagram Live For Your Church

Katie Allred

IG Live gives us a great way to connect and engage with our congregation. With live comments, it gives users an incredibly easy way to interact with the people in the video. Users can go live with co-hosts so that they won’t have to do the stream alone. People who don’t usually interact in the traditional setting of the church can get encouraged to connect in this way. 

There are so many things that you can do with IG Live.

Here are some of the ways you can use it:

Stream Services

IG Live can be one of the platforms you can use when you stream your Sunday services live. You could even use this to stream your daily devotions and share the Word of God. You could also invite a co-host so you could talk about this week’s message.

Play Games

You can use IG Live to set up games with your people. Play trivia nights, scavenger hunts, charades, and more! Maybe you could even send a pizza delivery as a prize to the winner’s home.

Introduce Your Staff

Once a week, choose a member of your church staff to go live with you. Interview them, suggest a house tour, meet their family or find another way to learn more about them. They could even have a demonstration on how to cook their favorite recipe.

Talk About Relevant Topics

With all the other events happening nowadays, you could also use IG Live as a platform to discuss relevant issues. Hold conversations about the pandemic, social and political issues, and more.  With IG Live, you could invite pastors and leaders from other churches that you could engage and have meaningful conversations with. 


Whatever you do, don’t overthink it. Instagram Live should not be something in your workflow that causes stress. It can be an incredibly simple and effective tool to create a great experience with your church members. Does your church use IG Live? Let us know how in the comments.




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