5 Church-Texting Platforms You Should Consider

Katie Allred

5 Church-Texting Platforms You Should Consider

Katie Allred

Texting has become one of the most popular forms of instant communication. In fact, there are over 23 Billion texts sent each day.

Usually, texting is a great platform for one-on-one communication, but who knew it could be used on a greater scale for communicating with your church? 

Here are some great Church Texting platforms we recommend:

  1. Text in Church – A church communication software that provides effective, yet simple, email communication and text messaging for churches. It allows guests to request more information by sending a keyword via text message. It also enables churches to store contact information for their members and schedule email or text message follow-ups.  It allows users to send task reminders to members and provides a local phone number to each church at the time of sign-up that distinguishes personal and church communication for all users. A service subscription is offered on a monthly basis.

  2. Clearstream – A texting software for churches. With Clearstream, users can instantly communicate with their members (send out service reminders, last-minute schedule changes, emergency alerts, etc.) and easily follow-up with first-time guests. Engage with incoming messages and two-way conversations using your inbox directly inside your account.

  3. PastorsLine – This application supports text messaging like the others, but they also cater to international numbers so pastors can expand their reach. This can aid them in connecting with global ministries or follow-up on members who are abroad. It can also send mass texts for church-wide announcements and group texts for group-specific messages. The tool also gives ministries the ability to ask members for donations, which can be used in times like this to help those in need. They can include a link in their texts their recipients can click that leads them to a site so they can donate and pledge at their convenience.

  4. Flocknote – Same as other platforms, Flocknote is built and designed to allow churches to efficiently reach out to their members and church groups through their phone numbers. Another feature of Flocknote is the Text To Join. This feature enables users to invite their members or any persons interested just by using a keyword. People would type a certain keyword from their mobile devices and send it to a number to be able to connect with the church. With regards to content generation, Flocknote also provides users with a library of campaigns and sample text messages which are all editable and customizable.

  5. HuddleUp – Besides being a texting platform for churches, HuddleUp’s additional feature is that it is built with automatic message retention and the ability for admins to review conversations. Now your church can empower ministry leaders to communicate with team members, parents, and students without worrying about unaccountable private messages. 

Did we miss any? Let us know in the comments what texting service you use.


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