5 Easy-to-use External Microphones for Your Phone

Katie Allred

5 Easy-to-use External Microphones for Your Phone

Katie Allred

Audio can either make or break a good video. Smartphones record pretty decent audio on their own, but when you regularly record audio for daily devotional videos, live streams, and weekly services, you might want to invest in an external microphone.

Here are 5 Easy-to-use External Microphones for your phone.

Rode SmartLav+

Since Rode has become a very known and trusted brand by designing some of the most excellent shotgun mics in the film industry, their SmartLav+ does not disappoint with its near-movie-quality sound.  It is easy to hide on your body, too, because of its small size. You could clip it inside your clothes or anywhere you prefer. 

Rode Video Micro

This quality sound comes with a low-price cost in this Rode Video Micro. It comes with a shock-resistant mount and windscreen to make sure that your audio will sound good, and no unnecessary background noise will be recorded. 

Shure MV88+

This external microphone is packing with great features. It can automatically adjust its equalization, compression, and limiting depending on the sound environment it detects. Although it is pricey, it ensures clean and clear audio with little to no clipping.

Saramonic Mini SmartMic

Saramonic Mini SmartMic is a small and less expensive device that has a directional condenser configuration that makes it useful in almost any instance. It weighs under an ounce and is compatible with IOS and Android devices, or any device that accepts a 4-pole plug. 

Comica CVM-VS08

The Comica CVM-VS08 comes with a USB Type-C version that’s compatible with many of the newest devices. It only picks up minimal background noise and is very compact, which makes it easier to carry around and sounds almost as good as the high-end ones. 


You don’t necessarily have to spend an enormous amount of money on a good external microphone. If you insist on getting your hands on the highest-quality recorders, be prepared to spend a considerable amount. But the less expensive ones do the job, too. Just choose the ones that would be the best fit for your device and your budget.




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