5 Elements of an Effective Church Communication System

Katie Allred

5 Elements of an Effective Church Communication System

Katie Allred

Church communication is far more complicated than a lot of people realize. It requires more than just a social media account. Your church needs an effective system of communication.

Here are our top 5 Elements of an Effective Church Communication System:

Have a Communication Plan

It has been tackled in various articles of the importance of a communication plan, but let us emphasize its significance. A communication plan is an outline of ways and methods on how a church can effectively communicate with the people.

Monthly calendar

Be as organized as you can be. Plan ahead. Create a church calendar of all the activities and events the church will have. Let this calendar be known and accessible to the people.

Communication tools and strategy

Take advantage of technology. Utilize tools such as social media, emails, texting, videos, photos, graphic design, and other great tools. Use every accessible form of media available to you to avoid miscommunication.


In whatever you do, make sure you have a clear understanding of what you are trying to communicate. If you are planning to enhance your church communication system, it is best to do your research. A well-prepared plan has less room for mistakes and will be more useful.


Communication will only be effective if communicators are consistent with the content they put out. Have a plan. Stick to the plan. Be consistent. Consistency in both marketing/communications and theology.


Remember, our job as church communicators is ultimately to spread the Gospel. Communicating is our purpose. This purpose and objective will be more effective if your church has an effective system of communication.

Have any other tips on creating a communication system? Let us know in the comments.




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