5 Powerful and Simple Graphic Design Tools

Katie Allred

5 Powerful and Simple Graphic Design Tools

Katie Allred

Graphic design is getting easier and easier to do. That doesn’t mean everyone should do it—but it does mean that everyone can at least try. Long gone are the days of Adobe being the only way. There are so many simply—yet powerful—graphic design tools that churches can use for free or affordably today.

Here are 5 awesome and easy graphic design tools you can your church can use to create great graphics.

#1. Canva

Canva is FREE FOR NON-PROFITS! You get 10 accounts for free with proof of your 501(c)3. What are you waiting for? Go sign up now. We’ll wait… | Canva for Non-Profits

#2. Easil

Easil is another awesome and easy-t0-use graphic design tool. The major difference between Canva and Easil is the ability to organize your layers—a much coveted ability in Photoshop. There are several other reasons as outlined in this article. Easil offers a 50% discount for non-profits with further consideration on a case by case basis.

#3. Snappa

Snappa offers a 25% discount to non-profits! Why might you want to use Snappa instead of Canva? Canva has been known to crash and is somewhat a clunky experience. Snappa is hardly ever down and it’s easy to find the “free” images and layouts in Snappa. There are some more reasons outlined in this article.

#4. RelayThat

RelayThat doesn’t offer a non-profit discount that we could find, but they’re interface is beautiful and easy to use. Only downside is that the FREE account has RelayThat watermarks all over it. 😩 That’s the price you pay for free!

#5. DesignBold

DesignBold offers 40 million stock images at better prices than Canva. They also offer unlimited storage and 40 page PDF downloads (instead of the 30 page limit in Canva). Non-profit pricing isn’t found on their website, but I will update this post if that changes. You can compare DesignBold with Canva in this article.

UPDATE: DesignBold offers non-profit companies with 501(c)(3) or equivalent status lifetime access to Pro membership, which would otherwise cost $19 per month ($228 per year). However, they won’t have the 20 monthly premium stocks, which require credits per their agreement with 123RF, their photo repository partner. Still, a sweet deal!


There are plenty of available easy graphic design tools you can your church can use to create great graphics. These tools are affordable and great if you’re just getting started? What tools do you use you? Hit us up on the group.


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