5 Simple Tips To Help Your Church Stay Organized

Colin Schaafsma

5 Simple Tips To Help Your Church Stay Organized

Colin Schaafsma

Organization plays a big role in helping to run an effective and influential ministry. Without organization, your events, services, and daily tasks will start to fall apart or just straight up not work out. And not just that, your productivity will also decline very quickly.

If your church is struggling with keeping things organized, then maybe this list of tips can help you out. Here are 5 tips to help your church stay organized:

Stop Multitasking

Studies have shown that you actually get less work done when you multitask, as crazy as that sounds. But when you actually think about it, multitasking causes you to divide your attention between two or more things. 

You’re constantly flipping and refocusing your attention when you multitask, and it will actually take you longer to get tasks done versus if you worked on the tasks one after the other, as 100% of your attention will be on each task individually.

The next time you need to get a few responsibilities out of the way, remember to avoid multitasking.

Make Daily and Weekly Plans

Having a plan for what you need to get done and when is a huge help when it comes to getting things done efficiently. Start setting up daily and weekly plans for your responsibilities.

At the end of each work week, take some time to focus on and plan the next one. Write down some of the big tasks that need to get done, and set them to get done/worked on at a specific time meant only for that task.

While you’re going through your week, at the beginning of each day, schedule the rest of the specific tasks that you may need to complete. Again, make sure that you mark each task at a time designated only for that task.

Put Things Where They Belong

A cluttered workspace quickly leads to a hindrance in your productivity. If you notice that your workspace is on the messier side, take some time to find a place for everything.

Never leave your workspace for the day without returning it to its organized environment. This way you can return each day to a clean and organized space.

Start Using An Internet Browser Specific For Your Work

With all the popup ads nowadays, the internet is only one click away from distraction. Let’s be honest, we’ve all fallen prey to a 15, 30, 45 minute shopping spree or social media pit stop. Finally we decide to get back to work and realize that we just wasted a big chunk of time.

Regardless of the internet browser that you use, having one that is designated exclusively for getting work done is a big help in staying away from distractions. Try messing with some of your browsers settings, filters, and approved websites to keep interruptions away.

Keeping your internet browser organized is going to make a huge impact on your productivity.

Take Breaks

Staying organized and productive isn’t always the easiest thing to do. Don’t be afraid to take a break away from whatever it is that you’re doing to get yourself refocused.

If you’re noticing that you’re feeling burned out throughout your workdays, start adding in rest periods to your schedule. Even just a 5 minute break once an hour can make a massive difference in your energy levels.


Organization plays a very crucial role in your productivity. Following these 5 simple organization tips will make an impact in the amount you are able to get done throughout your week, and will help your church be the best that it can be.


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