5 Things Every Church Website Needs On The Homepage

Katie Allred

5 Things Every Church Website Needs On The Homepage

Katie Allred

Your church website is so important as it is one of the places that new visitors check out before deciding to come to your church. There are so many different elements that go into creating a church website with layouts and pages and style.

Today we are going to talk about perhaps the most important page of your church’s website, the homepage. Here are 5 things that every church website needs to have on their homepage:


Websites with logos at the top of the page draw much more attention to the site than websites without logos. Your church’s logo is something that makes your church unique. Make sure to place it at the top of your homepage so it’s one of the first things your website visitor sees.

Navigation Menu

The navigation menu is how people are going to navigate through your website. Keeping this clean, minimal, and at the top of your website is probably the most effective way to use your navigation menu.

A lot of the time, websites will include every possible linked page in the navigation menu, and this gets very cluttered. Use, at most, 7 items in your navigation menu. If you need more than that, put them in a “more” link.


So many more people are going to read the headline of your website’s homepage than any other copy on the site. This is where you can tell people what your website is about. Focus on the visitor/congregation member. Talk about what problems you will solve for them.


A call-to-action, or CTA, is something that calls your audience to do something specific. You need a CTA on your homepage, and you want to use something here that serves your potential new visitors. An “I Am New” CTA button is perfect for those who are first looking into your church and don’t really know what to do.

Inspirational Imagery

Whether a photo or a video, inspirational imagery has the biggest impact on first impressions. Use something that will inspire people to check out your church. Maybe it’s people laughing. Maybe it’s people deep in worship. Whatever it is, make sure it has the potential to inspire.




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