5 Things You Didn’t Know Church Tech Could Do


5 Things You Didn’t Know Church Tech Could Do


In today’s digitally driven world, technology plays a significant role in almost every aspect of our lives—and the Church is no exception. From live streaming your services to mobile giving, innovative tech solutions are revolutionizing how churches engage with their community and live out their mission. 

You didn’t go into ministry thinking you’d have to also be a tech wiz, and you shouldn’t need to! With the right tech tools in place, your church can maximize your impact with minimal technical experience. 

Let’s dive into five things you probably didn’t know church tech could do and how they can impact your ministry. 

1. Sermon Streaming That Rivals Netflix

Streaming platforms—like Netflix, YouTube, and Hulu—have changed how we watch and listen to content. But how is your church and your digital strategy holding up against Big Tech companies?

Thankfully, church tech has come a long way since cassette tapes! The best church tech solutions offer church apps that include a native sermon player (within your app rather than being bumped to YouTube or Vimeo), which keeps your gospel-centered content front and center in a distraction-free environment. 

Make it easy for people to discover new content with features like tagging so users can search and filter by scripture, speaker, and topic. Plus, this improves content recommendations for future discovery and viewing. Don’t compete with Big Tech—your church has the truth-giving messages that people are seeking!


2. Seamless Giving Integrations

Generosity lies at the heart of many church communities, but facilitating donations online can sometimes be cumbersome. 

Utilize a church tech platform that offers several ways for your members and visitors to partner with your mission. The best church giving solutions make it easy for your community to give in your app, on your website, and via text message. Take it a step further by using a church giving platform that lets donors give directly within live streams. A seamless integration between live streaming and online giving eliminates barriers to generosity, allowing viewers to transition from passive observers to active contributors in a single click.

3. Efficient Media Management

Managing a vast amount of media content can be overwhelming for churches. Make sure your tech tools have a “one-click publishing” feature to streamline this process by allowing you to upload content once and publish it across multiple channels effortlessly. 

Whether it’s a mobile app, TV app, website, or podcast, churches can ensure consistent and widespread distribution of their gospel-centered messages with minimal effort.

4. Access to Premium Discipleship Content

Discipleship is a fundamental aspect of church ministry, yet many leaders struggle to meet their congregation’s ongoing and varied spiritual needs. Top-tier church tech platforms understand this frustration and believe in your mission, so they include a variety of discipleship resources—videos, devotionals, kid-friendly content, and more—in your subscription.

Churches using the Subsplash Platform can reach more people and grow their impact with world-class content from Ligonier Ministries, The Bible Project, The Chosen, Adventures in Odyssey, and more.

Make sure your tools help enhance discipleship efforts and foster spiritual growth among your church members.

5. Comprehensive Mobile Giving & Payments

Charitable giving is the main way that churches fuel their mission, but non-charitable payments for events and merchandise can create another source of funding. Instead of tacking on another event solution like Eventbrite or payment platform like PayPal, churches should look for an all-in-one solution that integrates payment processing and online giving.

Say goodbye to third-party tools and extra fees and find a tool that offers event management, payments, and giving on a single platform. Make sure your church tech also creates a delightful experience for your users with features like  Apple Pay, Google Pay, in-app donor profiles, recurring gifts, guest giving, and more.

Innovating for your mission

As we navigate the ever-changing landscape of the digital age, it’s crucial for churches to embrace technology to effectively connect with their communities and fulfill their mission. From leveraging live streaming services to adopting mobile-giving platforms, the possibilities are endless! 

We hope these five abilities of church tech help propel your ministry forward into a more connected and impactful future.

Ready to equip your church with innovative tools that support your mission? The Subsplash Platform uniquely combines all of the tools you need to reach more people, stay connected, and grow your impact. Connect with a ministry consultant today, and equip your church with innovative tools for your mission.





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