5 Ways to Communicate “Thank You” and Improve Staff Culture

Cat LaPlante

5 Ways to Communicate “Thank You” and Improve Staff Culture

Cat LaPlante

Life can be rough.  Some days even though your staff is amazing, you may need a reminder yourself that staff culture is truly important to productivity, efficiency, and overall desire to be at the office.  Here are five simple ways to say thank you and improve on staff culture!

  1. Say it

A no-brainer here.  Say it!  Your words match your heart.  When you are thankful for something, no matter how small, getting the words out in the moment are the start to showing your staff that you have their actions in mind and are happy to have them. 


  1. Write it

My husband got an email once that he never anticipated but really made him happy, humbled and provided lots of joy during a stressful time.  It was an email from the owner of the company he worked for that highlighted how happy she was that he worked there. It was an unexpected boost and from an unexpected person.  Saying “thank you for doing your job well” in an email is an easy way to show your staff you care and goes a long in improving staff culture. We know they are great so go ahead and set yourself a reminder to send that email at the end of the week!


  1. Display it

Do you have some extra wall space in the office?  Consider making a “I see you!” board.  This goes beyond the “Employee of the Month” and really, we know that everyone you work with is awesome so instead, have a place where someone could leave a note for someone else or highlight graceful behavior.  When people feel seen in their own way, there’s typically an amazing thing that happens, they start to see others.  Having a “I see you!” space in the office shows those unsung heroes you work with just how special they are to your church and your team, day in and day out.


  1. Survey it

They seem to be happy, effective and efficient but what’s really going to help improve the culture among your church staff?  Ask them!  Love languages are a tricky thing sometimes but when you get to learn these interesting things about your staff, you can easily provide opportunities for a quick word of affirmation or act of service that could greatly boost them up and improve the overall team environment. 


  1. Bring it in

This may sound a little out there but when’s the last time you and your church staff ended a meeting with a team cheer?  A simple hands in a “Go Team!” or  “Yay, Jesus!” It may sound corny but can’t you just see the smiles and laughs an unexpected good ole cheer would bring?  I can.  Next time you end your meetings, maybe after your prayer, as you set out to get all the actions items done in record time because someone asked a for a font change or an expected 20 more people are coming to the potluck event, throw your hands in and boost your team up with a sweet cheer.  As silly as it seems, there’s actually research behind how cheering does the brain good.  Check it out at and see where the next “Go Team!” can improve your staff morale.



Retreat it!  Have you checked out a way to provide thanks via a staff retreat?  Did you know that there are places that cater to church staff like Teamness?   Treating your staff to a retreat is a wonderful way to show your thanks and improve upon staff culture through team building activities and rest.  


What’s one way you have seen culture improve?  Tell us in the community!




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