5 Ways To Pour Into Fellow Church Leaders

Kenny Jahng

5 Ways To Pour Into Fellow Church Leaders

Kenny Jahng

When it comes to leadership in the church, there are quite a few roles that can be found. Leadership in the church is seen at different levels and usually encompasses many different areas and roles.


From volunteers, youth ministries, websites, social media, communications, etc. there are leaders at the forefront of all these things. At your church, there might even be smaller projects within these groups in which there are even more leaders needed to help guide others.


It is safe to say that it takes many people to help effectively lead a church. Without their motivation and vision, things would not run as smoothly. However, when there are potentially multiple leaders of areas, it is crucial to pour into each one of them.


Check out these 5 ways you can pour into your fellow church leaders.



As a leader in your church, no matter your experience level, there will always be someone who has more leadership experience than you. Or, you may be the person who has more experience in a certain area. No matter what, you can take this opportunity and treat it like a mentorship. This one-on-one time is a great way to pour into a fellow leader. This will be a valuable time where both parties can walk away feeling heard and encouraged. Walking alongside someone and being mentored or mentoring, can help both of you to grow in your leadership roles.


Being a leader can mean many things, and what leadership position you hold often determines how much responsibility you have as well. Being a leader comes with a lot of responsibility, which is not a bad thing, but can sometimes become overwhelming. Leaders may lose sight of the church’s goals. Encouragement and motivation are key to helping those in leadership. With the right motivation, it can be easy to take on tasks. Help them by keeping them focused on the common vision, mission, and strategy. This can often be lost in the everyday jumble of work. Motivating your fellow leaders should be easy, as you know very well what it takes to be a leader.



Has anyone ever shown you appreciation for something you’ve done? Then you know how good it feels, and how encouraging it can be. Writing a letter of appreciation, buying someone a coffee to say thank you for their hard work, or taking them out to lunch are all amazing ideas of ways you can show your appreciation. These are some of many great ways to show another leader that you see them, and notice what a great job they’re doing. It is one thing to say it, but taking action to show appreciation can mean a lot more.


Making Time

When you set aside your time to listen to those you’re leading, it shows that you want to have good relationships and that you truly care for others. Have you ever heard the saying that a good leader knows when to listen and not speak, and only speaks when it is necessary? Well, this saying is true. When you set aside your time to do these things, it shows that a good leader makes time for others to really listen and show their support.



This is the most important one of all, however, prayer can sometimes be easily forgotten. Praying for your fellow leaders is a wonderful way to pour into them.  You can easily pray for wisdom in decision making, and peace about what it is they are doing. There are many ways you can pray for your fellow leaders. Also, praying with your fellow leaders can be a great way to fellowship, love, and be a support right there with them. God uses prayer to align our hearts to His will. We can pray for any reason at all. 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 says, “Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.” When we pray, God will work in our hearts. He conforms us to His will and fills us with His peace.



Who better to show encouragement and to pour into a leader than someone who leads! Anyone can do these things, but it means a lot more from someone who understands where you are at. Fellow church leaders, make time to pray, motivate, guide, and appreciate each other. These tasks can simply brighten up someone’s day, or be a way to help someone grow in their leadership.



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