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5 Ways Video Can Enhance Your Thanksgiving

Kenny Jahng

5 Ways Video Can Enhance Your Thanksgiving

Kenny Jahng

Statistically, studies have shown that in the last few years the number of people watching videos and engaging with them has gone up significantly. Studies are now showing that by 2022, videos will be taking up to 82% of consumer traffic. (Source)


With this being said, many are turning to videos as one of their primary sources of advertising. And why wouldn’t they! Commercials, YouTube, and Facebook ads are just a few platforms that videos are being advertised on. 


This Thanksgiving, churches can use videos to enhance their church viewing, market events, and advertise for their church like never before.


Advertise your Church

There are many platforms where you could put a video ad on to advertise your church. Facebook, Instagram, websites, etc. Advertising your church’s Thanksgiving service can draw attention, and possibly more people to join your congregation.


In 2021, there was a survey done with Facebook marketers. The survey was asking them whether Facebook ad videos or images got better results. The results were that 60% said videos got better results, whereas 29% said the opposite, and 11% said there were no differences. (Source)


A video ad rather than a picture can potentially show the viewer more about your church, and you have the opportunity to do more than with a single image.


Educational Videos

Thanksgiving can be a great opportunity to educate people. Whether about the history of Thanksgiving and where it originated from, or of what the Gospel says about giving thanks. You can include pictures, animation, or someone speaking. Either of these ways has a lot of potential to get a message across.


Educational videos can be more memorable than reading something from text. You can also share it with a multitude of people. Whether you share it in a service or share it on the church’s social media pages. 


Giving Thanks

A video can speak so loudly sometimes: with the right message of course. During the Thanksgiving holiday, a video can be a perfect way for a pastor to spread God’s word and gratitude to church members and faculty.


Some studies have shown that people retain a message more from a video than just simply through text. (Source) It is amazing how much a person may be able to say in a video that they wouldn’t be able to fit on a store-bought Thank You Card.


Videos in Services

In some services, pastors show a video to begin or end a message. These videos can be testimonials, stories, animations of Bible stories, and various other things. Videos that can tell a story are a great way to get people engaged in a message.


For Thanksgiving, it could be a collage of church members saying what they’re thankful for, or perhaps a video telling a story of a time gratitude had a big part in bringing someone closer to God. No matter what it may be, this is a great way to get people to hone in on the message being spoken.


Live Stream

With newer technology in our world today, it’s never been easier to live stream your church’s service. This type of video is great to reach a larger audience. There are many people, for many different reasons, who either choose to or can’t go to church physically. Your church’s live streams can allow your church to reach more people, and grow your church’s family. 


Another great thing about live streaming is that it can be done on different platforms, and be done just about anywhere. Youtube and Facebook lives are two popular ways to live stream church services. With this, your people can watch live streams on their phones, computers, and smart TVs.



Videos can bring a lot of opportunities to your church this thanksgiving. From video ads that spread the word of your church, t0 live streams that are reaching more people in your services. Being able to educate and grab attention with videos either in service or on social media can be a real game-changer for your church’s ability to reach its audience in a new way. No matter which video type you prefer, or tend to use this Thanksgiving, your church will be able to share and get messages across to people with more ease and reach.





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