6 Apps to Increase Your Productivity

Kenny Jahng

6 Apps to Increase Your Productivity

Kenny Jahng

Nowadays, it feels like everyone’s always on the go. With phones in hand, and a busy schedule, we need ways to manage things, make our tasks easier, and our time management… well, more manageable! With the technology we have today, we can make these daily tasks for work become easier and more organized. 


Remember using paper calendars for scheduling, small booklets to keep track of people’s addresses and phone numbers, and sticky notes to remind yourself of meetings, events, and appointments. Now, we have apps right on our phones that can do all the same things. But now with the apps, it is saving space, money, and office supplies!



A simple list can help you stay organized and on schedule. Paper lists can be lost so easily, misplaced, and accidentally thrown away. Whereas a simple list app on your phone can be saved, rarely lost, and shared easily with others. 


A good example of a list app is Todoist. You can easily make lists, organize those lists, plan your day, and add tasks which is a plus. If this app doesn’t work for you, don’t worry! There are other list apps out there for you to try. So see which one is the best fit for you!



It is easy to forget something when you have a lot to do. With an app you can set reminders, forgetting things would be a lot harder to do. Having a reminder app will allow you to feel more at ease. You simply set a day and time you need to be reminded of something and then the notification pops up on your phone with a sound so you hear it. Most apps are pretty much the same when it comes to these features.


Android and Apple phones have reminder apps that come with the phone. They are very simple to navigate and use. However, there are other apps you can download on your phone that work just as well. Todoist, as mentioned earlier, has a feature where you can set reminders. 


This is perfect for when you need a quick reminder of important tasks! 



Being able to communicate with people on your church team, in your ministry, people visiting your church, or whoever it may be, can be made easier by a texting app. These days, it’s easy to text someone information, but it can be made more simple by sending out mass texts.


TextInChurch is a great way to be able to communicate with others. You can easily add people to the texting list or use smart connect cards to help families plan a visit. TextInChurch uses integration technology to make sure all the information that’s needed stays neatly organized in one place. 



There are many days in the year, and most of them seem to be planned out months in advance! It is helpful to have a calendar, but one that you can add to, take away from,  and reschedule on, without all the eraser shavings. Calendar apps can allow for all those things with more simplicity. 


Most phones are preset with calendar apps. This allows you not to have to look long and hard for one that works well. Most smartphones will come with a calendar connected with your Google Workplace. This will allow you to see your calendar on your smartphone as well as your computer. 


Team Communication

When working on a team, it is vital that you have a platform in which everything, and everyone, can stay up-to-date with what is going on. An app where your team can easily communicate to each other, private groups, personal messages, send information, links, etc. can be handy when it comes to your team’s communication. 


Slack is an app that lets you communicate with your team, and so much more. You can easily connect with everyone or a specific number of people working on a separate project.



You can’t do it all yourself. Your team is there to help you complete projects, plan events, and see them all the way through with you. This can be made easier with an app that can keep everyone on track, assign tasks, send them documents that they may need, etc. These things are crucial for a ministry team to be able to collaborate, and see what everyone is doing and what they themselves are supposed to do.


Basecamp is a great example of an app you can use for this. You can have this app on your phone for easy access, and download it on your computer as well. This app can allow your team to stay organized and on track with whatever they are doing for whichever ministry they’re serving in. 



When you can use something as accessible as an app to complete and stay on top of daily tasks, and communicate with others, things can seem to get a lot less overwhelming. While you adapt to the future of technology, and the fast-paced world around you, these apps can make things more simple while helping you communicate with others easily, and keep your to-do’s organized. 




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