6 Mother’s Day Gifts to Give Out at Church

Abby McCully

6 Mother’s Day Gifts to Give Out at Church

Abby McCully

“Didn’t we give that as a gift last year…?” 


Maybe this thought is running through your head as you’re trying to figure out what gift to give out this Mother’s Day at church. It can be difficult to come up with a gift to give moms that they’ll actually like and want to take home with them. 


Our group members shared the gifts they’re giving out this year and they had so many great suggestions, we thought we’d compile them all into one list of our personal favorites. This list is mom reviewed and approved, so don’t worry, they’ll definitely be glad to take any of these items home with them. 


Celebrating all the moms, aunts, grandmas, caregivers, and friends is so important. Make sure you have plans to recognize these amazing women in your church this year! 


Fresh Flowers or Succulents 

Sharing fresh flowers, whether they’re bouquets or potted plants, is a great way to appreciate moms this Mother’s Day. Succulents are also a great option because they’re easy to maintain, and you can even order them in bulk if you have a lot of moms to celebrate in your church!


Coffee Mugs

….but like cute coffee mugs. Trust me, the women in your church don’t want another mug with your church logo on it– they probably have six in the cabinet at home already. Go for something with a pretty design or Bible verse on it.



Handing out journals for Mother’s Day is a pretty safe bet. You can even make it a bit more personal by including a note from the church or a prayer of blessing for mothers on the inside! 


Cookies, Doughnuts or Muffins

Everyone loves a yummy treat and there are so many options available. Try partnering up with a local bakery or candy shop to give moms something extra sweet and special this year.


Photo Booth

Moms love capturing memories, but so many of them only have pictures of their kids and no pictures with their kids. Give mom a break from being the photographer and set up a photobooth with someone available to snap the photos. You can print them right then and there, or have moms sign up to have the pictures emailed to them. Take notes from Hill City Church and invite a llama to the party! 


Local Goods

Do some research in your local area to find out if there are any small businesses that offer products moms may like. Shops and vendors near you may supply fun items like handmade soap, chocolate truffles, or candles!


Edit: Bonus Item: Bundtlets

Upon sharing this article in our community, several members jumped in with some seriously great additions and this one was so good, it deserved a place here. If you’ve never heard of a bundtlet, it’s a miniature cake from the amazing company Nothing Bundt Cakes. With over 410 stores nationwide, there’s likely one near you, and you won’t find many people who don’t absolutely love them.

Pro tip from Josh who suggested this idea: “Over order so there are leftovers for you on Monday.”

Click here to check out this post, and see the other great ideas our members had for Mother’s Day!



Mother’s Day is also a great outreach opportunity! Lots of kids show up to church to join their moms on Mother’s Day, even if they don’t come to church any other Sunday of the year. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to celebrate moms and connect with new visitors this year!





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