8 Church Logo Design Trends to Look for When the Quarantine Clears

Design trends reflect the times we live in and adapts to changes in technology and culture. For example, when smartphones and tablets became popular, logos became smaller so they would be clear and readable on mobile devices. When people sensed they weren’t getting straight answers from the government and big businesses, logos with transparent shapes became a trend to symbolize honesty and openness.

How will social distancing and online worship affect church communications and specifically logo design? Let’s look at 8 themes likely to emerge from the coronavirus.

  1. Community

As thankful as people are for online worship and small groups, there’s a yearning for personal connection that only comes with meeting in person. The need for the community will attract people to churches whose logos focus on connection and relationships.

  1. Clean and simple

Safe and healthy environments will remain a concern. Logos with a clean and uncluttered design will attract people who are looking for a church that offers a clean and safe environment.

  1. Familiarity

Despite being resistant to change, the quarantine brought plenty of it. When it comes to your logo, your church community may yearn for a sense of the familiar. Consider updating your current logo (think evolution vs. revolution), or if designing a new logo – using symbolism that’s familiar (like a local landmark or architectural element) so they don’t feel like they are moving in a new direction again.

  1. Supportive

Job loss and changes brought on by the pandemic will mean a variety of new challenges in your community. You can attract people looking for support and encouragement if you can identify areas where your church can be a resource and illustrate those in your logo.

  1. Hope

Hope is a theme that never goes out of style. There hasn’t been a crisis like this in our lifetime, and people are looking for good news. Logos that tell a story of hope will continue to be popular.

  1. Heartfelt and imperfect

People identify with authenticity and honesty. They’re searching for a community with genuine people who welcome imperfect people like them. If you’re looking to connect with people on an emotional level, consider a hand-drawn look for your logo.

  1. Clear message

Big events like this are a time for introspection and evaluation. Individuals and organizations alike ask themselves what they are all about and what is their purpose. We’re drawn to leaders and churches who know what they stand for and can clearly articulate it.

  1. Innovation

Necessity is the mother of invention. Shifting to all online church qualifies or innovation. Your community may not like change for change’s sake, but they do like having their needs met. If you’ve found new ways to connect with people, let them know. If it’s not the time for a complete redesign, update your old logo by modernizing your current theme in an innovative way.

We’re entering a new time that promises to bring us back together with both familiar and fresh forms of worship and ministry. If your ministry is seeing big changes, as a result, communicate the new thing you’re doing in your logo design. The coming months may be more than a time of transition – they may present you with new opportunities for outreach and growth.

Michael Kern is the owner of the Church Logo Gallery. He’s helped over 2000 churches connect with their communities through well-crafted logos that shares their story and attracts guests. He has designed more than 2500 church and ministry logos and his work has received 175 awards and inclusion into design books and publications. Church Logo Gallery offers church and ministry logo design and updates, as well as design and printing for all of your church-related needs.


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