A Summit for Mental Health Crisis in the Church

Colin Schaafsma

A Summit for Mental Health Crisis in the Church

Colin Schaafsma

We have a mental health crisis in the church, and it’s not just affecting our congregations, it’s affecting our church leaders too.


As ministry leaders, we can find ourselves running on empty. The pressure to be perfect is so high, but as humans, perfection isn’t something we can achieve. We know this is true, but when we’re not perfect…we still feel inadequate. 

The Thrive & Cultivate Summit provides an opportunity for pastors and ministry leaders to focus on their own mental health while learning how to better care for those in their community who may be hurting or suffering from depression or anxiety. The online event also includes resources to equip churches with the tools they need to care for their communities and members while helping them live healthy lives themselves!


This FREE event is beginning soon and will be exclusively online. All of the sessions will be available on-demand, which means that on May 21, you will have access to all the Day 1 sessions and can watch them in any order you like, any time of the day. On May 22, you’ll get access to all of the Day 2 sessions. You can even get access after the event ends, just check out the All-Access Replay Pass.

This is your last chance to register for the event!


Thrive & Cultivate is going to be an awesome opportunity for you to learn how to better care for yourself, support your teams, and help your community. You will hear from over 40 speakers composed of mental health professionals, non-clinical voices, and church leaders.


Day 1 of this online summit will focus on self-care for pastors and church leaders. The speakers will teach you strategies to help you thrive in your leadership role while making sure that you’re taking care of yourself.


Day 2  will focus on mental health as a ministry. Our congregations and communities need care and support now more than ever. You will learn how your church can address their needs in meaningful ways.

You do not want to miss Thrive & Cultivate! It’s going to be a fantastic event with passionate people intent on helping others live well both inside and outside the church walls. Our hope is that by attending this conference, you will get some practical tools and find encouragement from other leaders who have been there before too! Register for Thrive & Cultivate now, we look forward to seeing you there!




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