4 Alternatives to a Physical Bulletin

Katie Allred

4 Alternatives to a Physical Bulletin

Katie Allred

As we prepare towards the opening of churches and the return of conventional mass gatherings, there are probably lots of announcements and reminders that we need to relay to our church members. People might act cautiously about handling commonly-touched items, which is why physical bulletins may not be as effective as they were before with regards to the spreading of information. With that, here are some recommendations that could serve as alternatives to physical bulletins:


Through Facebook, you could disseminate your weekly announcements through your Page. You could engage your followers, post graphics, and even video presentations about the upcoming plans, reminders, and more. You could also create a Group! Send an invite to your members, Pin announcements to make sure that everyone gets to read it. Plus, members can also share their own announcements if they have any. 


You could send weekly blasts to your members for messages that you want to get across them. With this, no need to spend much money. Ask your communications staff to compose and schedule weekly emails for updates and other agendas.

Website or App

In your church’s website and/or app, you could designate a tab there that is solely for announcements only. After services, you could distribute papers or flash a slide into your screen that contains a QR code that would lead directly to your website or app when scanned. With this, your members will know where to look for updates. Their phones will be the new “bulletin”!


For when you officially invite members back on campus, one of the best places for communicating information is on the big screen(s)! Many churches are already doing this and to that we say, keep it up! But for those who are not showing announcements on the big screen(s), it can be a great way to mass-communicate announcements.


There are endless possibilities to recreate the bulletin. When inviting members back to campus, it will be best to limit the amount of things they have to touch. With these ways, you’ll be able to effectively spread loads of information, and not the virus.


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