Amazing Apps to Help With Lyrics & Scriptures

Katie Allred

Amazing Apps to Help With Lyrics & Scriptures

Katie Allred

Presentation tools are essential for us, especially when lyrics and Bible scriptures are needed to be displayed for the service and other church events. You want your audience to keep up with your message and worship songs, which is why good software for presentations is a must. Here are some of our most favorite apps to help you show your lyrics and scriptures on screen.



ProPresenter is a presentation program that is available on both Mac and Windows. Intended not only for church events but also for other gatherings such as conferences, trade shows, and more. ProPresenter has advanced features for video editing that easily allow users to crop and zoom videos from within the app. It also offers video layering features for backgrounds, live video, slides, props, and mask layers that are customizable interdependently, used for lyrics videos, and more. It is user-friendly and can be controlled through an iOS/Android remote. ProPresenter also has cloud integration for saving archives of your presentations and sharing contents.

“Propresenter. Mac and PC are compatible. Incredible!” – Scott Raney

“ProPresenter has been a dream and meets our needs and then some!” – Joe Boyd.



EasyWorship focuses on being an efficient and easy-to-use software for worship presentations. With intuitive tabs for selecting songs, scriptures, media, presentations, and themes, their user interface is organized and simple. You can choose between a theme that is light and dark, to suit your preferences. It contains basic, essential features such as slide designs, notifications, remote apps, and more. They offer flexible licensing plans, allowing you to choose between subscription-based and one time fees. EasyWorship’s customer support is also reliable, which is great, especially when you encounter any problems.

“We use Easy Worship. Mainly simplicity and cost less.” – Adam Smith

“Easyworship. We’re a small church, and it’s inexpensive and easy to use.” – Channon Martin.



If you’re looking for feature-rich, flexible software for your presentations, MediaShout will surely fit your needs. Available for Mac and Windows OS, their app interface offers a lot of customization settings—light/dark theme, a remote app for iOS only, integration support for Dropbox, Planning Center, SongSelect, and more. In addition to this, they have a “Volunteer Mode” that allows you to let volunteers manage your presentation, having a simple interface mode that hides the settings and edits content controls. All of these features are integrated into an easy-to-use software.

We use media shout. We are a small church, and it does all we need it to do.” – Cameron DeBrew.


SongShow Plus

A completely featured worship presentation software solution, SongShow Plus displays songs, scripts, photos, videos, web pages (including YouTube & Vimeo) and enables PowerPoint slides to be imported. It has editing options within its app that allows for colorization, hue changes, blurs, hinges, reflections, image masking, overlay, and more. You can link your files to your Dropbox, Google Drive, or Microsoft OneDrive cloud account. SongShow also connects with Shift Worship, where over 3,000 pre-produced mini-movies, motion, and still backgrounds for worship environments can be found and used for your presentations. You can also integrate the software with Planning Center and control it via their own remote app on Google Play.

“SongShow plus. It’s so user friendly and works very well, especially if you use a PC.” – Drew M. Raleigh.



OpenLP is an open-source presentation app for Mac, Windows, and Linux OS that is fast, flexible, and easy-to-use. Whether a small or large church, you can undoubtedly rely on this software. It allows management of layout and playlist, a database of scriptures, projection equipment, and control of presentations. Supports playing multiple videos with VLC media player integration and manages key features well. OpenLP also has a web remote and a dedicated iOS/Android remote control app. You’ll be able to use it smoothly with its comprehensive user manual and advanced customer support. 

“OpenLP. It’s open-source (free) and handles any needs that we have at our church. Still being developed and updated… Easy and straightforward… OpenLP holds up and doesn’t cost you a dime. Can’t recommend it strongly enough.” – Matt Higginbotham



In searching for the best app to help you present lyrics & scriptures, you need to know what kind of help you need – designing, presenting, or maybe timing. When you are specific on the task, you need to improve. You will quickly line up the software to choose the best according to your team’s preference. No matter what app is the best, the most important thing is that your team can comfortably use the chosen app.


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