Apps & Resources To Use With Instagram

Katie Allred

Apps & Resources To Use With Instagram

Katie Allred

Instagram is one of the most used social media platforms. We know this because of its proven number of engagement from its users. It has also been one of the most reliable and trusted apps for the Church, especially during this pandemic in terms of reaching out to our congregation. We use this to post photos and videos, connect to our people, and build our brand as churches. 

The power that this platform holds when capturing the interest of its users is undeniable, so why don’t we make the most out of it? To up your Instagram game, here are some of our favorite apps and resources to pair with Instagram. These will make editing, posting, and data analytics much more accessible than ever before!


Canva is well known for being a social media image powerhouse with its easy-to-use features that lets users create and edit photos as well as videos. For posts that use infographic-style graphics, this app has an extensive and beautiful collection of templates, graphics, and more. There are also stock photos available within the app so that you can use it as a foundation for your Instagram posts. Canva is free with its basic features, but you could avail their promos for bonus features.


Snapseed is a free professional photo editor by Google, available in both IOS and Android devices. It comes with pre-made filters and tools that could help bring your photos to a standard that is aesthetically pleasing. You can personalize them according to your taste and save your settings to use them again on other projects. This app also allows you to overlay texts in your image with its 30+ different text styles to choose from. It might take a little while to familiarize yourself with the navigation of the app, so it’s better to spend time experimenting and exploring the app first.


This video editor lets you add effects, music, voice-overs, text, and more elements in your videos. Available in Android and IOS, InShot can also change the video speed, cut, trim, split, and combine multiple videos. This app is great for editing videos for your Instagram, and other platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and even Youtube. InShot is free, but there are in-app purchases for premium features that you can buy as well. 


Created specifically for Instagram, Later is a scheduling tool that comes with a whole lot of other useful features. Besides allowing its users to schedule their posts, it can also collect user-generated content, track trendy hashtags, analyze your posts, and more! With Later, there is no need to worry about using a third-party app. Later is an official Instagram partner, so it is a secure option if you are concerned about the privacy of your accounts. Please take note that Later is not an automated tool, since it’s a web app. It sends you a notification when it’s time to post, at which you have to post it yourself. It’s another step, but worth it. Considering all its other features.


Streamlining your Instagram marketing would be hard to achieve when you are juggling between a bunch of tools to work. Setting up different apps, maintaining, and evaluating from several separate apps might take a lot of your time. For you to be efficient, you want to use an all-in-one social media management app. Agorapulse may be an excellent option for you. With this, you can schedule your posts, manage engagements, and monitor your metrics all in a single tool. More so, it also offers customizable social media reports and built-in customer relationship management so you could create and maintain an engaged community in your accounts. 


Last but not least, Hootsuite social media management platform provides real-time analytics about your posts and audience engagement. It is a tool to help you monitor and evaluate what you need to do to optimize your feed. It also tracks trends across your platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook accounts. Hootsuite monitors who in your team responds to inquiries sent in your account for you to track which reps are doing great, and who among them could use more training. With many features, be prepared for a bit of a learning curve when you decide to use this web app that is available on both iOS and Android.




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