Cross-Platform Management & the Best Apps

Katie Allred

Cross-Platform Management & the Best Apps

Katie Allred

These days, we all know the value of productivity and efficiency in all areas of the organization. Especially in handling our online engagements, there are a lot of things that need to be done! For instance, it has become vital for us to use social media platforms and other online channels. But with so many apps that we have to use, it can get messy for us to handle them all at once. It’s all about streamlined software this year and ensuring that everything operates in cohesion. With all the platforms available for us to utilize, the only way to go is to try to integrate them all into one management tool. It’s important that we use resources that offer us a clear overview. It’s time for us to automate without further ado, and here are some of our cross-platform management favorites!



Later is a free, easy-to-use platform that is perfect for small or starting churches looking to schedule images and videos on their social media. The app integrates with Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest, and has a 30-post limit per month for each site, having a 50-post limit for Twitter. You may only add one account per social media platform. 

The thing here is, you can not schedule text-only posts with Later. Later lets you post to a variety of social networks, but its main emphasis is on Instagram. Unlike many social media cross-platform management posting and scheduling tools, you begin a post in Later with an image, instead of text. All you have to do is upload your media to schedule a post, and drag the picture or video you want to schedule onto the calendar. Put the caption in the comments section and choose the time to post it!



There are not that many better platforms than Buffer when it comes to managing multiple social media accounts. It is available for Android, web, iOS, Firefox, Safari, and Chrome, and continues to improve the app for users today. You will have access to LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram once you’re set up. Scheduling posts on all platforms through Buffer is simple, thanks to its brilliant dashboard. Those with a free membership will only have access to three social accounts.



Again, this is a brand that has garnered quite a reputation. It comes with a maximum of three social accounts, 30 scheduled updates, and some analytics for your accounts as well. The value of it really comes when you start looking at the number of platforms that can be integrated with Hootsuite, this includes Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Pinterest, and 30 other platforms. 

You can either schedule all of your posts manually or automate them with its AutoSchedule feature, depending on how you want to function. As well as scheduling, many users enjoy its analytics functionality. In addition, these measurements are compiled into PowerPoint, Excel, CSV and even PDF files, making them suitable for presentations and reporting. In addition, access can be assigned to the various members of your team. Everyone has a certain level of permission to use Hootsuite depending on their job, instead of handing out several passwords which can get very complicated.


Sprout Social

Sprout Social is an all-in-one posting/scheduling platform for social media. This enables both scheduling and posting through various networks. The calendar feature of Sprout Social offers your team an overview of what is being published. A range of social media metrics are also included in the product, so you can see how well certain types of content do.



We also want to add new ones alongside the popular names, and this is where MeetEdgar comes in. It contains what you can expect from a tool like this for LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Automation is where it really excels. MeetEdgar has a feature that scans links and looks for the best quote-worthy text to accompany your post. While others cater posts, this is one of the few solutions that actually generate content for its users.

MeetEdgar provides most of the common tools that allow you to schedule content, including Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, across a variety of platforms. They anticipate Instagram and Pinterest will soon be added to the list of platforms that can be integrated to it. They have a feature to queue as much of your content as possible with minimal involvement on your part. For various types of content such as blog posts, advertising materials, quotes, and queries, you can create several categories. It also makes it especially simple to repost “evergreen” content. Over time, Edgar recycles your posts, so after their initial posting, your posts don’t go to waste. As Edgar re-shares your content automatically over time, without you doing any extra work.



The very best thing to do is to try out these cross-platform management tools first, and see what works best. Go for the tool that fits most closely with the way you currently work. After all, adding a new cross-platform management software to your workflow is easier than trying to spend all your time managing multiple platforms all at once.


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