Apps to Use for Online Prayer Requests

Katie Allred

Apps to Use for Online Prayer Requests

Katie Allred

It’s 2021, and there’s no shortage of prayers that needs to be shared by your church members. But since the traditional way of requesting prayer is not attainable for us all, with most churches still limiting the number of their in-house attendees and members still preferring to maintain their church presence online, churches have to come up with another strategy to receive prayer requests, which is why we compiled a list of apps to use for online prayer requests. 


If you’re reading this post, you are probably interested in a resource that could make it easier for your church to accept prayer requests. You’ve come to the right place! You could use some of these tools in your church for a way to have organized prayer requests submitted online. 



PrayerMate is an app exclusively made for praying. Therefore, making it one of the best apps to use for online prayer requests. Aside from the many functions it offers, PrayerMate launched a significant new feature called Share Groups. It allows church groups and other personal groups to share prayer points privately. All you have to do is create a prayer group, and members can start sharing their prayer requests and pray for each other. 



Echo Prayer is also a space for prayer points to be shared. The app allows users to form a prayer group and invite members to it. You can share prayer requests individually or within a small group. You can also control how you share and who you share it with. However, some of these features require you to have an Echo Plus+ membership.


Prayer Chain Online 

Accessible through their website, Prayer Chain Online allows churches or organizations to create a prayer group, all for free! You’ll be able to invite people to join, approve requests, and email prayer requests to your members directly, depending on when and how frequently you want to send it to them.


Text in Church

Text in church is one of the most trusted text software used by many churches nowadays. They make it easier for churches to have an effective way of communication. Through this tool, churches could create a prayer request group that people can join, making them a part of your prayer chain. It is easy to do and works great! Members can send in their requests, and it will be shared with everyone who is part of the group.


Q Prayer

The primary purpose of Q Prayer app is to connect people in prayer. This innovative digital prayer community allows churches to create groups, enabling your members to join and keep up with the requests sent to your church, notifying them and making sure they can pray for those they care about.



Slack is used by many churches and is incorporated into their workflow. It makes their communications easier. Unlike email, conversations in Slack are better and easy to follow. With this, your church could create a prayer channel in which members could join in and send their requests—all the while sharing it with other members so that they could directly be notified. Slack is free and incredibly useful for communication within the church.


Google Form

Google Forms is a good, free option for accepting prayer requests online. Churches could utilize Google Forms and set up a prayer request form there, which will be compiled directly in the prayer ministry’s email. This could also allow members to submit a request anonymously or include contact information, depending on their preferences.


Facebook Groups

Last but not least, you can also utilize Facebook groups for receiving prayer requests. All you have to do is create a private Facebook group, invite members in, and allow them to post their requests for everyone in the group to see. You could assign moderators to approve posts or post the requests if some members prefer to do it anonymously. After that, members are notified when new posts are available to look at them and pray for the requests.


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