Are Postcards Outdated?

Katie Allred

Are Postcards Outdated?

Katie Allred

When I was little, getting a postcard was exciting! It made me feel important. Looking back, that may have just been a childlike wonder and the amazement of how the mail works…… it’s okay; I’m sure you liked getting mail too. Today, getting a postcard in the mail usually means some business is doing a mailer, and they’re trying to sell you something you don’t want or entice you with a contest you’re probably not going to win. However, are postcards outdated? Are they still effective? Well, I’m here to tell you I still love postcards, but not in the traditional sense. There are so many different uses for postcards. Here are three reasons why postcards are still effective.


The Facts

Postcards, along with direct mailers in general, have gotten a bad rap for not having a great return on investment. However, people are more likely to glance at a postcard in their hand physically than an unsolicited e-mail. You can also pair your physical postcard with online marketing efforts. QR codes are making a comeback. Can you put a QR code on your postcard and direct them to your website? Facebook page? Can you have them keep their postcard and bring it to the event for a free coffee? 

Traditional Mailer

If you have a big event and plan to send something out to the surrounding community, using a postcard can be more cost-effective than an 8.5×11 letter. It also allows you to embrace your creativity and design an engaging, eye-catching flyer.  Another benefit of using postcards for event advertising is their small, forcing you to be clear and concise. 


You can also use postcards as a method of follow-up for first-time visitors. A handwritten postcard thanking them for visiting your church is a great personal touch to invite conversation and acknowledge their presence. 

Postcard Invitations

Postcards can come in a variety of shapes (circle, squares, rectangles). So, who says they’re only for direct mailing purposes? Hand out postcard invitations to your congregation members, leave a space for them to write a personal note, ask them to pray over each invitation, and ask them to hand them out or mail them to friends (or strangers) they want to invite to services. Not only does this engage your congregation, but it also gives them resources with clear steps on how to invite people to church. 


Postcards aren’t outdated, and it turns out I think they’re still pretty cool! Finding a place to print postcards or with trendy pre-made designs can be hard, which is why we’ve teamed up with to bring you some great options and great prices. If you’ve never tried utilizing postcards in your church, try it with a small batch, and see if it’ll work for you. 





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