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Are You Ready For Church Growth After Outreach?

Katie Allred

Are You Ready For Church Growth After Outreach?

Katie Allred

Providing outreach opportunities and going out to reach those who don’t know Christ is one thing, but being ready for church growth after your outreach ministry is a whole different thing to tackle.


If your church is not properly prepared for growth after an outreach event, you may not be successful in adding new visitors to your church family. Here are a few things you can provide for new visitors coming to your church.


Outreach Opportunities


Make them aware of other outreach opportunities. God’s love was poured into their lives through your service before. Maybe they are looking for ways to do the same for others. Make sure your outreach opportunities are known and available.


Membership Classes


After outreach events when your church starts growing, you’re going to have people that may feel called to look into becoming a member. Offering membership classes is perfect for those new visitors.


This is where you can teach people about your church and what God has called your church to do. Introduce your staff, talk about your church’s history, its mission, vision, and the values your church has.


Those are some of the essential things to include in the classes. Other topics you can talk about are things the church expects from members along with what members can expect from the church. Address frequently asked questions, and finally, have a conversation about outreach/volunteer opportunities.


Discipleship Classes


Discipleship classes or programs are very important for new visitors after an outreach event. Many people who attend your church after an outreach event may not know Christ, and by offering a discipleship class, those people can get to know Christ along with the other members of your church family.


There are a lot of things to think about when providing a discipleship course. Many times, God’s love is poured out through your members. You want new members to see that and be encouraged and influenced by it. Seek to display God’s love consistently.


Small Groups/Bible Studies


Small groups and Bible studies are perfect for new visitors to get plugged into while also not feeling overwhelmed by meeting a ton of new faces all at once. Through small groups, new people can easily get to know a few members really well before they start getting to know the rest of your church.


Small groups and Bible studies can be a person’s first real experience of a Christ-following community. Providing groups that value Biblical community and encourage others to grow in relationship with God is essential.



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