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Are You Taking Time to Take Care of You?

Kenny Jahng

Are You Taking Time to Take Care of You?

Kenny Jahng

As someone working in the church, you’re probably responsible for taking care of a lot of people. Your to-do list is long, and probably grows through each day with tasks piling up week after week. It’s an honor and a privilege to be able to serve the church and its people, but it can also be taxing. 

When was the last time you focused on taking care of you? 

No, really. Stop and think about it for a moment. Can you recall the last time you took a moment to pause, and did something just for yourself, because it was good for you? We often don’t take time to care for ourselves. Maybe that feels selfish at times, or it just gets pushed lower and lower on the list. If you don’t make self-care a priority, you will burn yourself out. 

We want to make sure that you have resources available to help you care for yourself, while you care for others. Our digital publication, the Thrive & Cultivate Magazine, is filled with helpful articles and tools to equip you to better care for yourself and for those around you.

We just released the Self-Care issue, available now at 


This issue highlights some important aspects of self-care, the benefits of resting, and some habits you can work into your everyday routine to help keep you grounded. 

Check out the magazine, and don’t forget to register for our upcoming mental health event. It’s all online and completely free. Register today at 




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