Ask Your App & Giving Providers These 8 Questions


Ask Your App & Giving Providers These 8 Questions


When did you last assess your church’s app or donation platform?

Having the right tools in place can be the determining factor between depleting your resources and boosting your impact. Below are some key questions to ask when considering a new app or giving provider for your church.

Questions to ask app providers

With so many solutions to choose from, it can be tough finding an app provider that checks every feature box on your list and helps you grow and connect your community every day of the week. As you evaluate your options, make sure to ask these questions:


What features do you offer & why are they important?

Different providers might offer similar features, yet operationally they may vary significantly. Here are some fundamental features to ask about:

  • True custom branding: Lose the container app—your brand should be front and center, tying your app directly to your ministry. 
  • Native media player: Make sure your app provider isn’t pushing your audience to third-party channels like Vimeo or YouTube. Keep your gospel message at the forefront with immersive audio, video, and podcasts—all without distracting ads or unrelated content.
  • In-app groups & messaging: What if your church could offer a distraction-free space right in your app that offers safe and secure communication? The best church app solutions have in-app messaging with private and public channels to find a new small group, coordinate volunteers, send prayer requests, and more.
  • Integration with other tools: Does your app provider seamlessly connect with the other digital tools your church is already using (live streaming, on-demand media, events, etc.)? Having disconnected tools can lead to a clunky, and often expensive, workflow for your team. Look for a solution that hits all of the marks on one single platform.


Do you offer TV apps or just mobile apps?

Why limit your church’s reach? With TV apps, your church can easily expand your reach and make the gospel message readily available to millions of people around the world. And this is a great way to stay connected with those in your community unable to attend due to health, vacations, or special circumstances. 

Look for a church app provider that can take your media to the big screens with custom TV apps for Apple TV, Roku, Fire TV, and Google TV.


Will our church get support with every package?

Some app providers restrict support to a limited timeframe, like the first month or two after signing, or require an additional fee for further support. 

The best app providers include a dedicated support specialist to show you the ropes and set you up for success during the app building process. In addition to an Onboarding Specialist, churches using the Subsplash Platform benefit from technical support via email, phone, video, and an expanding library of articles, instructional videos, and webinars.


Questions to ask giving providers

When choosing a digital giving provider for your church, consider asking the following questions to ensure all your needs are met:


What are your online giving rates?

Not getting straightforward answers regarding a giving provider’s rates? That’s your sign to start looking at other options. Knowing upfront your processing rates, effective rates, and any potential hidden fees lets your church be in the loop about any potential expenses. These rates may vary between credit, debit, ACH, and other payment types, so be sure to seek clarity.

The best giving providers offer simple ways for your community to regularly give and even cover the processing fees of their donation. With Guest Giving and Donor-Covered fees on the Subsplash Platform, your community can do just that! 

Subsplash is built with your mission in mind. Unlike other online giving solutions, Subsplash Giving has no monthly or hidden fees and the best rates in the industry—equipping you to keep more of your donations for ministry. 


How many different ways can our donors give?

Simplify the donation process for those looking to support your church and mission. Subsplash Giving allows your donors to contribute through a variety of channels—your custom app, website, SMS text, and even during live streams. But that’s not all! Subsplash now supports Google Pay, Apple Pay, and instant ACH options within your church app for an even more seamless experience.


Do our donors need to make an account in order to give? 

Ideally, your giving provider makes creating a new giving account a quick and easy process for your users. However, some of your visitors may not feel comfortable creating a new account for a single donation. That’s why the best church giving solutions, like Subsplash Giving, offer a “guest giving” feature to enable anyone to donate through your church’s mobile app or website without creating an account. 


Do you offer giving analytics and reports?

Get to know your community and their habits better with a giving provider that offers robust analytics and reporting. Ensure your team will get the ability to monitor recurring gifts, individual donor data, and donation trends, and build your own customized reports.


What about event payments and other transactions? 

From Vacation Bible School to group retreats, your church stays busy with all sorts of community-building events. Ideally, your giving provider is also able to handle “non-charitable” payments to aid in selling merch, books, or tickets for these special events.

Eliminate the need of having multiple tools with Subsplash—manage both sales and donations for your ministry and watch it automatically sync with your church’s app and website.


Next steps

We hope this resource equips and empowers you to choose the best app and giving provider for your church. 

Discover why over 17,000 churches and organizations around the world partner with Subsplash to better reach, grow, and disciple their communities. Schedule a free call with a Ministry Consultant to learn more today!




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