Audio Recording Software for Online Sermons

Katie Allred

Audio Recording Software for Online Sermons

Katie Allred

During this unprecedented time, not every member of your congregation will be able to attend a drive-in church service, or they may have to miss the live service broadcast. For those people, it’s a good idea for church communicators to have audio recordings of sermons. That way members can go back and listen any time they want.

Recently, a question was raised in our Facebook group by Adam Chandler. He asked about good audio recording software to record sermons. Our members were happy to help, as always, and gave us these suggestions:


“Audacity…. the best part is that it is free.” Joe Marshall

“Presonus StudioOne. There’s a free version.” Clint Beasley 

“Waves – Tracks Live or Avid – ProTools. Tracks Live is free, but it’s just a recorder basically like a digital tape machine, not a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation).” David Young 

“Studio One Prime. Actually using Pro now, due to buying an AudioBox USB and upgrading the Artist that came with it to pro during the sale in November.” Michael Halbrook

“We use Garageband and used to use Sound Studio” Sally Andrew 

“I used to use Adobe Audition but now I use Audacity. Trying to stick to open-source software since we are a small church and I can train other volunteers when they join the team.” Leon Bull


Continuing communication during this pandemic is no easy task, but hopefully these suggestions help. Audacity, StudioOne, TracksLive, ProTools, and others are great options when it comes to audio software.




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