Best Accounts to Follow as a Newbie Communicator

Katie Allred

Best Accounts to Follow as a Newbie Communicator

Katie Allred

As a newbie church communicator, you need all the advice that you can get from those with experience. From leadership to church marketing, you could learn a lot from different people that you could also apply to your church.

Bethany Lois told our Facebook group, “Looking for the best church communications, leadership, social media, and PODCASTS. Thanks!” Here are some of the suggestions our members gave. Most of them are podcasts, but there are a few other media in there as well.


StoryBrand’s podcast is a great start. Also Pro Church Tools with Brady Shearer” – Marc McComas

Social Media Church Podcast” – Peter Englert

Craig Groeschel’s Leadership Podcast, The Unstuck Church Podcast, Carey Nieuwhof’s Leadership Podcast.” – River Live 

“It’s secular, but I really like listening to Amy Porterfield and relating it to church marketing.” – Kristel Ward

“I like Rainer on Leadership by Thom Rainer. Also, Revitalize and Replant.” – Justin Arnold

“The Solving Problems Podcast from Jonathan and Kyler is pretty stellar. I also love unSeminary‘s podcast, though it’s not just focused on comms and such. For leadership, I like Carey Nieuwhof‘s leadership podcast and Jesus Culture’s leadership podcast. Just Gold.” – Andrew Peters 

Church leadership podcast.” – Courtney Frey 

“Enduring Churches –” – Trent Young

These are just a few of the best podcasts and content creators to follow when you want to familiarize yourself as a newbie communicator. Hope you can enjoy these and learn a lot!




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