Best Antivirus Solutions

Katie Allred

Best Antivirus Solutions

Katie Allred

Computer technology is no simple matter. Computer systems are vulnerable to various forms of viruses and they require a certain level of cyber security. As church communicators, we use computers a lot, and we should be concerned with protecting our systems and data. In this post, I want to showcase a few different antivirus solutions that can help you protect your computer.


Another is AVG, which is an antivirus software made by AVG technologies, a subsidiary of Avast. It differes from Avast in platform availability because it is not applicable to iOS and is mostly focused on online security. It protects the computer in general from viruses that come in anywhere from online portals.


CleanMyMac X tracks trash in all of your Mac OS system files. It eliminates files that are not needed, such as outdated caches, corrupted downloads, logs, and useless locations. You can declutter files from all proprietary Mac applications and even large, unnecessary files. The catch with this is that it’s only available for Mac OS, but if you use Mac, it’s a great option.


MalwareBytes uses layers of technology like anomaly detection and application strengthening to eradicate viruses that are never seen before – meaning any viruses that are new and are not commonly experienced. It automatically shuts down any threats that are potentially damaging to your system. MalwareBytes is available to Windows, Mac, and Android users.


There are plenty of threats to your computer system, and you should be prepared. Consider implementing one of these solutions on your personal and work systems. They could save you from a lot of grief!


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