Best Teleprompter Apps For Churches

Katie Allred

Best Teleprompter Apps For Churches

Katie Allred

Do you find yourself having a hard time remembering scripts for a sermon, or even just a speech? Thankfully, there are teleprompter applications that you can download on your devices. We’ve taken the time to gather some of the best teleprompter apps for churches. These come in handy to help you perform with ease, not worrying about forgetting your next line. 


All of these teleprompter apps available have a primary function: take your script and scroll at a suitable setting. But what among these are worth your time? In this post, we have compiled our favorite teleprompter tools. Check out these apps you can download for your next sermon! 



PromptSmart is considered one of the best free teleprompter software programs available for iOS and Android. Primarily because of its unique intuitive voice-activated feature. With its VoiceTrackTM technology, it can listen to your speech and move the text on its own, adjusting the scroll speed accordingly to where you are in the script. This feature is convenient because instead of thinking about keeping up with the script, you can concentrate on your delivery. Thus, making it one of the best teleprompter apps for churches. 


There are several useful features already included in the free plan. However, the premium version allows video recording (on the same device), auto-capitalization, text mirroring, and text and background color customization.


Teleprompter Premium

Teleprompter Premium is a free program that is as easy to use as it gets. And since it’s compatible with both iOS and Android, practically any device can work with it. It’s a great app with lots of functionality, just like other teleprompter apps. But the ability to use your device’s camera with the app is probably the coolest element of Teleprompter Premium. You can film yourself with your smartphone from the app itself if you’re on the go or don’t have a full video setup.



Since 2010, Teleprompt+ has been used by professionals—from experienced Youtube personalities to pastors delivering sermons on a Sunday morning. Available on both iOS and Mac, You can import your files (PDF, Word Docs, etc.) or create a script directly within the app. You can also edit scripts inside the app to polish or get rid of any grammatical errors. 


Parrot Teleprompter

One of the best teleprompter applications for Apple and Android users is the Parrot Teleprompter. This famous app is simple to use as it allows you to adjust the speed of text scrolling, change the size of text, the colors of the foreground and background, and even flip the script if you want to use it as a teleprompter kit monitor.


The Parrot Teleprompter is undoubtedly one of the best teleprompter apps for Apple and Android users. This super popular software is easy to use as it allows you to control the text scroll speed, change the text size, change the foreground and background colors, and even flip the script if you want to use it as a monitor for a teleprompter kit. It also has a toggle marker that tells you where you are in the script.



BIGVU is an app that doubles as a video editor, which allows you to add subtitles and create HD videos in portrait or landscape mode and various aspect ratios while in teleprompter mode. To log in to one of your social media accounts or email, BIGVU needs an internet connection. But with its YouTube integration, you can easily upload your videos directly to your YouTube channel. The premium edition also enables the watermark to be removed, allows background music, and much more.


Teleprompter Pro Lite

Another easy-to-use app is Teleprompter Pro Lite, which you can download for free on your iOS or Android device. It has standard features such as font selection, adjustment of text size, control of scroll speed (even during the run), and scripts’ importing.


For most tasks, the free plan is perfect. But the paid version enables the mirror mode to use the computer as a teleprompter kit monitor, font and background color selection, Bluetooth control, and unlimited script access capacity.



Prompster is used by many for its simple interface and allows users to change the scroll velocity and the text size during the run. If you need an app that can adjust according to your natural flow and viewing distance, this one will suit you. Prompster also keeps track of the time that has passed and has a mirror mode to use a teleprompter screen. While the free version is already incredibly useful, you may want to upgrade to the premium version to enjoy its audio-video recording function while being ad-free.



That’s a wrap on some of the best teleprompter apps for churches. Simply install any of the applications we mentioned, and you can now use your device as a teleprompter and deliver your lines confidently without having to memorize long scripts! If you’re curious about how churches are using them join our Facebook group and check out this thread. We hope you found what you are looking for and have fun!




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